QAnon Grooming Victim At Center Of HBO Documentary

This is the video that Randy sent me.   It really is important to how deep indoctrination goes and this is what the supporters of DeathSantis want to push in the Florida public schools.   This is what the parents’ rights bill is about, letting these people set the curriculum that kids are taught.  No acceptance or tolerance for gays, trans, anything different from White Straight Christian Male led society will be tolerated in anyway.  ++ Edit.  Any people that are looking for boy lover symbols who have a couple boys are scary as fuck to me.   I had an abused childhood and I did not see that.   These people are looking for it.  I looked (Dogs that love gravy) There is that symbol but because it is so old or well known to law enforcement it is not common anymore, or at least as little as I was willing to go into to it.   If you have the stomach for it, it leads you to outdated sites that can show you new symbols, and takes you farther into the rabbit hole.   It is like porn key word searches, each new refresh or whatever takes you further down the whirlpool.   I am not able or strong enough to do it.  If you are like me, trust me, it is like the world pool that can take my mind, it goes deeper and can get stronger as you go farther into it.  Remember there are things you cannot forget and things you can never lose the feelings of.  I love you all.   Hugs

“Biden’s a child molester and he kidnaps children and does horrible things to them just like Hillary Clinton and Obama, who made the virus. The virus is man-made. It doesn’t exist. Kids need to be put back in school.

“The people who are pulling the strings is the Italian Vatican. They actually are reptilian bloodlines from another planet. They’re basically robots.

“Evil people down there such as the Rothschilds, they suck the blood from children to get adrenochrome and stay young and beautiful forever.

“They pick you up and take you in a submarine to Epstein Island, which is where they molest children.”- QAnon grooming victim Jayden, in a scene from The Place Rules, the upcoming HBO documentary.

Judas Peckerwood Tim 🇺🇦13 hours ago

I have eight nieces and nephews in that exact situation.

AaronE13 hours ago

Twenty years ago, this would have been considered child abuse. Someone in a state-run agency would have looked at this, realized the danger this would have had on the child, opened up an investigation, and deemed the parents unfit.

To think that now this is commonplace and acceptable in society.

Refugay AaronE13 hours ago

25 years ago my poor cousins, just the girls, were forced to wear culottes for Jesus. They were terrified of the the wrath of God, taught Santa was Satan. No state-run agency was there to help – religious freedom protected their parental right to brainwash their children. There’s nothing different here except that you/we/ some of us disagree.

Makoto13 hours ago

“They actually are reptilian bloodlines from another planet. They’re basically robots.”

Wait, are they reptiles, reptile hybrids, robots, or cyborgs using reptile or reptile hybrid meat parts? I’m so confused.. sadly, this kid is probably very sure of what he’s saying, since he’s being told that it’s the absolute truth by people he trusts. Probably being told he’s saving people by ‘telling the truth’. No wonder these are the folks scared of education.

Name12 hours ago

Totally delusional parents brainwashing their children into accepting an alternate universe.

Sister_Bertrille Makoto13 hours ago

They have reptiles on other planets? Do they have fish and amphibians, too? So many questions…


Barry William Teske13 hours ago edited

That poor child will be scarred and scared for the rest of their life.

Because ignorance.

thatotherjean Barry William Teske13 hours ago

If he ever gets out of the bubble he’s in, he will find out how much he has been lied to, and how much nonsense he has spouted, and hate the people who did this to him. Or he will run back into the bubble, where he’s praised for thinking and saying it.

Paula13 hours ago

That shit is wackier than any of the cheap science fiction that I have read.

Refugay WaltHawkNYC13 hours ago

It’s abhorrent but it’s no different than religious indoctrination forced onto children everywhere.

Strepsi Refugay13 hours ago

Well, slightly different in that it’s literal Nazi propaganda. The Rothschilds suck the blood of babies? Textbook antisemitism warmed over – same with calling gay people groomers and pedos

William AaronE13 hours ago

Governor Abbott would like to interject that the parents are bringing up this child in his “correct” gender.

2guysnamedjoe AaronE13 hours ago

This type of child abuse has been going on a long time. Marjoe started scream-preaching in the 1940s at the age of 4. In the ’80s, there was this kid:
Does This Child Preacher Understand the Words He’s Yelling?

Hello_202113 hours ago

Glad Bea Arthur passed before all this…


Silverwynde 🌻🇺🇦🌻 Hello_202113 hours ago

This has been me lately:


17 thoughts on “QAnon Grooming Victim At Center Of HBO Documentary

    1. Hi Ali;
      When I sent this to Scottie, I told him that I really thought that it was a satire but couldn’t tell. Scary as it is, it’s real.
      People are going to have different views of politics, what priorities need to be, how to go about dealing with problems; that’s all just simple human nature. What I find really concerning is this idea that as adults we don’t need to subscribe to the same reality.

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      1. I was certain it is real. I don’t know them, but I’ve seen that. It is chilling as it happens, and when I saw it, I was in no position to do a thing but let the child spew words I’m certain they couldn’t even define, but the child was convinced, and it made Pastor proud. I was sick.

        I don’t know what to do about this, but I remain willing and eager to write/call/bother whoever I need to. It’s a long slog, but I remain in.

        I wrote my 1st comment because I know Scottie wants to respond to every comment, and I didn’t want to intensify or retrigger. Or anything. But I wanted him to know I read it, and I’m out here.

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  1. These purveyors of lies and hate risk their immortal souls. They will be judged and there will be no appeal. They will be cast out and all their lamentations will count as naught.

    OK I’ve got that out of my system.

    I hope Scottie you and Ron are managing and not being hit by the force of this fearful weather system over the USA.
    Bless you both and best wishes for this holiday season.

    Roger & Sheila.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. So far, so good. We get 31 degrees F tomorrow, for about 46 minutes, they think. Yay 🥶😄 I truly love winter, but the cold is harder every year. ✨☮ Everyone stay warm, and celebrate tomorrow, whatever you may have to celebrate. It’s a long weekend!

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    1. Hi Determined* and All;
      I heard from Scottie this morning that it was in the 30’s where he is, and heard from my parents who live about an hour drive from him that it is in the low 40’s. Now, I’m in Michigan – so, that’s t-shirt weather, but down there I understand that’s very cold! Dad says the remedy is to make chocolate chip cookies and warm the place up with the oven cooking. I thought that as good a reason for fresh cookies as any 🙂

      Happy Holidays to All!

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      1. We dipped into the mid 20s in our part of the UK last week for a few days (I still don’t get Centigrade) but being Britain that turned to gloomy rain (No seasonal snow here!).
        Chocolate chip cookies seems an excellent solution for all sorts of reasons.😊
        How is Michigan doing at present?

        I hope your Christmas goes OK for you.

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        1. Hi Determined*;
          Well, it warmed up to 15f. Yesterday it was around 2-5 with a wind chill of -25. I’ve stayed inside, choosing to clear the driveway once the wind lets up. The messed up part of all of this is that come Friday it is forecast to be near 50. The constant freeze and thaw of the roads here is expensive!
          Christmas this year is going to be very quiet. But, thank you. I hope yours is filled with opportunities for good food, good spirits, and good music.

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          1. Hi Randy.
            Staying indoors in a wise move. Take care there man. I agree rapid changes upwards of temp can be brutal to infrastructures. Nature always has the final say.
            Certainly a time for a quite Christmas.
            It’s 4.55pm GMT here in the UK. I hope your Christmas day is going as you hope.
            Thanks for your wishes. We’re OK here, family scattered by thanks to texts, phones etc staying in touch.

            All the best

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    1. Ali, I’m going to steal that; “Happiest of whatever you are celebrating, quietly or not”. That brought a smile to my night.


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