Tupac, the newest addition to our home

We have a new addition to our home, Ron named him Tupac.   We know almost nothing about him.   He was a stray that attached to a neighbor’s wife, and when they moved here he came with them.  The wife then died and the man said the cat stopped even returning to the house.   The man said he did not even know the gender of the cat nor if he had any of his shots, not even his age.  The cat is so thin, hardly anything to him, Ron has been feeding him lots and lots of food.   Ron made an appointment for Tupac with our vet for 4 PM today.   We will have him chipped with us as he human parents, and make sure he gets his shots and all the tests needed to insure he is healthy.   I tried hard to avoid this situation, But Ron couldn’t stand the idea of the cat being in bad weather, hurricanes, and the freezing cold.   He has another companion that is feral or we would have been adopting that one also.     I hope Tupac is healthy or it will break Ron’s heart, he has gotten really attached to that cat.   Hugs


5 thoughts on “Tupac, the newest addition to our home

  1. The cat is so thin, hardly anything to him ,,,

    He doesn’t look very thin in these pictures! (Something tells me he will soon be just as fat and sassy as your other cat.)

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  2. You and Ron did a good thing! We can never stand the thoughts of leaving one to the forces of human depravity and nature, so at one time we had 10 rescue kitties … Tupac will get lots of love in your home, I’m sure! Hugs

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