NE Bill Would Criminalize Taking Kids To Drag Shows

News Channel Nebraska reports:

A bill proposed in the unicameral would place limitations on who can watch drag shows in Nebraska. The bill would ban anyone under 19 from watching a drag show, and it would prohibit anyone under 21 from watching drag shows where alcohol is present.

LB371 was introduced by Republican State Sen. Dave Murman and is already stirring debate in the Legislature. Democratic State Sen. Megan Hunt has filed a motion to postpone the bill indefinitely, a decision that is still pending.

Anyone who knowingly brings someone underage to a show would be subject to a misdemeanor. The entities themselves would be subject to a $10,000 fine per violation. The bill would also make it illegal to use state funds to host a drag show.

Read the full article.


Paddycakes20012 hours ago

Looking for the silver lining, this means parents can’t take kids to church anymore, right?


liondon#traitor-ex-president7 hours ago

Guns kill thousands pf kids yearly and pedophile clergy prey on thousands more… so eff these mofo’s.

Strolling In, Softly Whistling7 hours ago

I bet they’re not banning child beauty pageants, though.

Uncle Mark Strolling In, Softly Whistling7 hours ago


charemor Uncle Mark3 hours ago

I wonder what these kids think about this as they grow older and mature.

Zorba Strolling In, Softly Whistling7 hours ago

I’ve always thought that these child beauty pageants were pedophiles’ dreams.

2 thoughts on “NE Bill Would Criminalize Taking Kids To Drag Shows

  1. Will they then forbid the showing of Some Like it Hot, dig up Uncle Milty while at the same time ban Bugs Bunny. This not something that has just happened but goes back ages to the stage of Shakespeare to the Christmas Pantomime shows. They need to expand on their censoring of History beyond that they think(?) will reflect poorly on what White culture has done, to those parts that cause them distress when they examine their own history and backgrounds.

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