Florida Universities Are Renaming Their Courses

Yet the right says the democrats are the ones indoctrinating students.   These are upper levels of schooling, college and universities, that they are removing any talk of equality, racism, and so much more.   Professors having to scrub their courses and presentations of anything that might upset the ruler / dictator DeathSantis.   Imagine this country wide.   Talk about the Taliban or moral / vice police.  This is stunning and worse it is not getting any national attention or scrutiny.   It is scary how fascist the state of Florida has become in several short years.  With DeathSantis making Florida a maga white Christian paradise the state is being flooded with intolerant people who won’t accept any social advance since the 1850s.  Plus notice the drive is to make a public school be just like a conservative Christian college.   Hugs


The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Yovanna Pineda, hired more than a decade ago to teach Latin American history at the University of Central Florida, rebranded one of her signature courses last fall. Striking references to “dictatorships” and “human rights” from the title, she decided to simply call her class “History of South America.”

Pineda said many of her colleagues are making similar changes, either because they fear blowback from state leaders who say they are trying to eliminate “indoctrination” from university campuses or because they don’t want the hassle of additional scrutiny.

DeSantis continued his campaign last week, appointing far-right activist Christopher Rufo to the Board of Trustees at New College of Florida. Rufo is best known for launching a national campaign against critical race theory. Rufo told The New York Times he and his new colleagues seek to transform New College into a public version of Michigan’s Hillsdale College, a conservative Christian school.

Read the full article. That’s Rufo standing appropriately on the far-right in the screenshot above.

zheraan hour ago

“Freedom from indoctrination”

Double-speak, much?

Ninja0980a few seconds from now

If you want to see true hypocrisy, look no further then Cuban Republicans in FL who scream about how evil socialism and Castro are while applauding everything DeSantis does.
They hate socialism but love fascism.

zhera Ragnar Lothbrokan hour ago

It’s terrifying! I fear for you Americans.

JoeMyGodModan hour ago

Like openly gay Florida state Rep. Carlos Smith (seen above), I am a graduate of UCF, which is now the nation’s largest public university by enrollment.

jeffg166 clayan hour ago

Accreditation may just become a problem for Florida schools as they try to muzzle thinking.

TrollopeReader jeffg16629 minutes ago

aren’t accreditations done by regional groups? So as FL / GA / the Deep South grow less “tolerant” the agency will just go along?

Jay Silversmithan hour ago

The Grievance OParade party.

heleninedinburgh2 hours ago edited

So the ‘academic freedom’ they’re so loudly in favour of just means the ability of professors to use slurs and misgender their students without being talked to by HR.
I mean we knew that, but nice to see it actually being confirmed in real time.

weshlovrcman hour ago

In the Fascist State of Florida, the remaking of education continues on course. Henceforth, all institutions of learning will be used to groom children into fascism and eliminate anything that does not support/agree with fascist theory.

J.Martindale2 hours ago

“Freedom from indoctrination” by stifling free speech. The irony of it all!

J.Martindalean hour ago

What I don’t understand is why the ACLU or some other organization hasn’t brought suit against the governor for violation of the First Amendment. This is exactly what the amendment was designed to prohibit: governmental interference with free speech.

bambinoitaliano2 hours ago

Why even send your children to Florida universities at this point. Soon none of the institution live up to the normal standard of operation. Moron Death Sentence is hell bend on turning Florida into a shit hole state.

TexasBoy2 hours ago edited

What good is college if they can’t present alternative views and stimulate the students analytical thinking to make up their own minds.

This is what stimulates creativity, abstract views, and new inventions to improve everyones lives.

Republicans….taking us back to the Middle Ages without the need for a flux capacitor.

Melissia TexasBoyan hour ago


If they cannot stimulate the students’ minds, then they shall be indoctrination centers for capitalism.

There is no such thing as an apolitical education, it either serves to liberate men or make them slaves.

J.Martindale2 hours ago

And the administrations of these schools are unable to protect academic freedom for their professors because of fear of retribution and firing. DeSantis is Big Brother.

JT2 hours ago

“A History of Our Lord and Savior DeSantis”

John Tan hour ago

Imagine living in a state where you can get in trouble for criticizing dictators in a classroom lecture.

Leftyan hour ago edited

He is scary evil. Dog help us if when he runs for president.

What, me worry?an hour ago

Welcome to 1984 and Newspeak. Double-plus good!

Frankly, I can hardly wait to flush this timeline down the Memory Hole.

TexasBoy2 hours ago edited

All public educators, at all grade levels, should simply walk out. There is no way Florida would be able to replace every single teacher and college professor in the state. The federal government would be forced to step in.

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