I can hardly breathe but I have taken more medications and it is getting easier.

An update and a photo.   The update from last week is the testing seriously poisoned me and I was very sick.  When I told that she was cruel and even told the doctor I should report him to the Geneva Convention both were stunned until they looked at my back.   Then they kept saying I should have called in.   But I reminded them I was reacting so badly during the midweek visit they already claimed it was a serious problem and gave me a list of things to avoid in products.   On Thursday Ron started using every medication we could get including the ones given me from the allergy office.   By Friday afternoon I was a raw mass on my back and so sick I was throwing up.   Ron wanted to take me to the emergency room.   I decided to take a bunch of Benadryl as that was what they would do in the ER.   It was a long weekend.  

Today I was starting to feel better, but still so very tired.  But ready to seriously get back to my blog rather than just read / watch stuff and post it.   But the universe is not done messing with me yet.  

Ron has not been feeling well either this last week he has been in a lot of pain in his back and hip.   But today he decided to put up the shelves I have been asking for … a long time.   Due to the small space and James being at work I needed to help Ron.   That was a mistake that couldn’t be avoided.   

The effort involved with putting up the shelves aggravated and caused serious spasms in my back.  Due to that I started having trouble walking and couldn’t stand without support.   Lucky for me I have lots of great canes.   The pain caused my heart at one point to peak at about 168 and go out of rhythm for a bit.  I took my medication and it settled at about 115.  Then slowly slowed to 95, 85, and then down to 83.   Right now it is 80.   But the good news is my disk has a lot less stuff on it and will have even more stuff tomorrow when I feel like moving more of the wired stuff.   Odie is happy he has more room to spread out.   I did not get back to the comments and other blogs like I planned today but I sure have that as my goal.  Anyway here is a picture of the new shelves long after the sun went down and I could stand again.  I was able to move a lot of stuff off the desk which was over crowed and yet the other set of speakers the cord is too short.   I have to look in my many boxes of extra cords for an extensions of the right wires / jacks … (What I want is a new set of much better sounding surround sound speakers …)   Hugs and lots of love.  Scottie   Oh Yes that is Odie on my desk, now that Tupac is a house permanent person Odie is making sure he gets as much desk time as possible.    Hugs

My new shelves

5 thoughts on “I can hardly breathe but I have taken more medications and it is getting easier.

  1. Not directly related to the ills you describe in this post, but I thought this headline was relevant: Deep brain stimulation could be used to reduce the emotional strength of a person’s memories and may one day even help tackle post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s from a newsletter brief that I get from New Scientist. Of course, one must subscribe to read the entire article!! 😒

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