Ron DeSantis finally drops the act, goes FULL FASCIST


They’re using every angle they can to legalize discrimination, what’s next, LGBT people can’t own property? Blacks are not legal voters? This is just the tip of the iceberg that FL is becoming in it’s drive towards a state rooted firmly in the 1850’s and reestablishing laws from back then. It’s incidious and creeping slowly towards pre-civil war laws and acceptance.

FL College Cancels “Illegal” Faculty Classes On Diversity

This is exactly what (other) fascist takeovers did. Made teaching anything contradictory to their own agenda illegal, and arrested teachers who didn’t comply.

Like, it’s not even a jump. Even if this feels tame, this is fascism, done in the frog/boiling pot fashion.

What comes next are RightThink mandatory courses to re-educate teachers about the “correct and approved” Republican party dogma, which is that white Christian nationalism is doubleplus good.


Now that they have successfully reallocated education funds to go to private Christian charter schools, the redeuction begins.

And the idiots will cheer, and this is what we can expect nationwide if DeSantis wins the WH.

Even without gaining the WH he’ll still have major impact on college courses and such. The great dumbening is upon us.

See also the influence that creationists in Texas had on school textbooks. I’m a member of NCSE and they seem to be relatively quiet these days, but…eternal vigilance and all that.

Even if they can’t get the WH so it isn’t enacted nationwide, expect this in EVERY red state over the next 15 months.

Nov. 14, 1960…
At the age of 6, Ruby Bridges was the first black child to go to an integrated school. It’s American history. Your child can learn about it.

Why is Ron afraid of allowing this knowledge to be taught?
His preference to withwashi it comes off as very racist.


Hmmmm, So far Republicans have done NOTHING on the economy, immigration, jobs. Done a lot on education though like banning books, harassing teachers, & librarians and choosing for college students what they can and cannot study even though they’re paying for it 🤨🤨🤨🤨

Making sure that Florida students are not prepared for the real world and setting them up for failure.

Corporations will take note because they won’t want to risk being sued and act accordingly

Great point Daddy. Imagine what will come out of the mouths of the future Florida educated workforce when they migrate to other states to work. HR departments need to prepare.

Welcome to Florida. Set your clock ahead one hour. Set your calendar back 50 years.

Dealing with “Woke” – Florida style!


Because racist snowflakes need to be coddled


It reeks of government censorship of speech, which would obviously be unconstitutional if we had a legitimate supreme court.


*Disclaimer: Christofascist indoctrination not excluded

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