VICE: The Far Right Is Calling for the Execution of Teachers and Doctors

The Far Right Is Calling for the Execution of Teachers and Doctors
A growing number of people working in education and healthcare are receiving death threats because they provide support or care for LGBTQ minors.

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5 thoughts on “VICE: The Far Right Is Calling for the Execution of Teachers and Doctors

  1. That’s terrorism. The USA invaded Afghanistan to drive out an intolerant regime; people were sent to Git-mo for voicing such opinions.
    Zero tolerance for these types, hunt them down, lock them up in similar places. What’s good enough for suspected terrorists is good enough for blatant hate mongers.

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    1. Cit-mo was wrong then and it would be wrong for right wing extremists now, Effectively that’s doing to them what they call should to happen to liberals. That’s not the answer/solution, although to be honest, I’m not sure what the answer/solution is. Lowering oneself to their level will only cause them to go even lower. It’s not a path I wish to tread.

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      1. I admire your sentiments and beliefs Barry. I sympathise with and support liberals.
        My political beliefs, however, are on a hard version of the Left- the European Left. It is best we are not allowed into position of central authority.

        I stand by my comments though. These folk who call themselves patriots are no better than any other terrorists. They will tear down your Democracy and will not care if there is blood spilt.

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        1. I agree that those who call themselves patriots are not so different from other forms of authoritarianism and are willing to use terrorism as a means to an end. I’m on the liberal left, Aotearoa style, which is more concerned with social justice and equity than with than with the “class struggle” or opposing capitalism.

          Fortunately I live in a nation where the term “patriotism” has little meaning regardless of one’s political leaning, and can sometimes be seen as an undesirable trait. Instead concepts such as “fairness”, “equity” and “giving everyone a fair go” hold much more sway. And long may it remain so.

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          1. Indeed, I would like to see a time and a world wide place where those concepts you mention are the accepted norms. While us on the hard sides of the divide are seen as obsolete.
            Us British like to think of ourselves as different from the rest of Europe, but over the centuries and centuries we were all locked into absolutes of one kind or another and I end up in the paradoxical situation of to ensure there is true tolerance, intolerance of intolerance needs to be pursued strongly……and that History suggests never goes well.
            So I compromise, sit in a corner muttering to myself but always ready to support those who seeking the Democratic and Liberal side of things and weigh against those who would have it otherwise.
            Messy things politics and political beliefs.
            Good fortunes to your beliefs and efforts.

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