Missouri House votes against limits on kids carrying guns


They claim trans kids needing to use the toilet are a threat needing to be addressed at the highest levels of government but kids who cannot even get a license to drive, cannot sign for their own medical care, cannot buy alcohol, have known lack emotional and judgment control at this stage of development / age in their lives can walk around with weapons with mass killing capacity in public with no restrictions.   Tell me what really the indoctrination is, what really is the harm to society.   This is the republican ideology that makes no public safety sense at the same time republicans claim that drag queen reading hours where men dress up in costume to read to children with adults present are a danger to children and society.     WTF!   These republicans want to destroy civil society, and install some kind of dystopian mythical wide west macho idea that never existed.   In the real history, western towns and cities had strict no carry gun laws.  Guns for most people were tools rarely carried.   They were expensive and ammo also expensive and hard to get / store.  Think about it, there was no Amazon or large guns / ammo store nearby to just walk over to and get a few hundred rounds.   I wish these people would learn history and reality and get their heads out of right wing mythology.   Hugs

Missouri’s Republican-led House on Wednesday voted against banning minors from openly carrying firearms on public land without adult supervision.

The proposal to ban children from carrying guns without adult supervision in public failed by a 104-39 vote. Only one Republican voted in support of it.

Democratic Rep. Donna Baringer said police in her district asked for the change to stop “14-year-olds walking down the middle of the street in the city of St. Louis carrying AR-15s.”

“Now they have been emboldened, and they are walking around with them,” Baringer said. “Until they actually brandish them, and brandish them with intent, our police officers’ hands are handcuffed.”

Missouri lawmakers in 2017 repealed concealed carry requirements in most situations.

The measure was part of an hours-long House debate on the best way to fight crime, particularly in the St. Louis area.

Republican Rep. Lane Roberts —- a former Joplin, Missouri police chief and state public safety director — initially included the restrictions on children possessing guns in a broader crime bill, which the House voted to give initial approval to later Wednesday. But lawmakers on a House committee that Roberts leads stripped the provision on guns last week.

“Every time we talked about the provision related to guns, we knew that that was going to be difficult on our side of the aisle,” Roberts said Wednesday.


Republicans decried the effort as an unneeded infringement on gun rights.

“While it may be intuitive that a 14-year-old has no legitimate purpose, it doesn’t actually mean that they’re going to harm someone. We don’t know that yet,” said Rep. Tony Lovasco, a Republican from the St. Louis suburb of O’Fallon. “Generally speaking, we don’t charge people with crimes because we think they’re going to hurt someone.”

Other provisions in the measure would allow the governor to appoint a special prosecutor in counties with high crime rates, a provision targeted at St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

Republican lawmakers for years have criticized Gardner, a 47-year-old Democrat first elected in 2016 as St. Louis’ first Black female prosecutor.

She is one of several progressive prosecutors elected in recent years with a focus on creating more fairness in the criminal justice system. But Republican lawmakers say she’s not doing enough to fight crime.


3 thoughts on “Missouri House votes against limits on kids carrying guns

  1. Hmm… Don’t I recall an instance of someone being shot walking down the street in… where was it??? Oh yeah, Ferguson, Missouri. Guess the republicans just gave the kids in Missouri the power to shoot back???


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