School Board Meeting Proves Racism Is Running Rampant In Public Schools

One thought on “School Board Meeting Proves Racism Is Running Rampant In Public Schools

  1. Hi Scottie;
    There is a statement: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Interestingly, there is another: The best predictor of the future is the past. And a third: History books are written by the victors.
    One of the things I’ve found a huge blessing in our longer-lived society is the opportunity to learn from seniors. When you sit down and talk with a senior, learn from their stories, their experiences, you are partaking in a tradition older than our written history and even as old as man as a creature. We are designed by our very nature to reject the wisdom of our elders as we find our own way yet gravitate to our elders to learn from how they did what they did. This is our strength as a people, as a creature: the passing of information, of technique, of achievement, of history, of our very story to a generation who will strive to find a way to set the bar higher.
    I believe our destruction is not in learning that we were weak and foolish, abusive and violent, but in not knowing how dangerous it is for someone to be so.


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