I hope this will help explain why I am so frustrated.

I have been able to get to my computers on and off today.  Most of my day I sit at the computer for a few minutes and select a few news articles to read, then I have to leave the computer for some reason often to lay down due to pain.   Then at the end of the night like now that I am tired and want to go to bed, I have my news / bloggings screen like this and that doesn’t include the many videos on the other screen I wanted to watch yet have not been able to watch yet.  I am so frustrated these days.     Hugs

Full screen pic

One thought on “I hope this will help explain why I am so frustrated.

  1. Breathe. I get the frustration, but you are valuable-too valuable to let the frustration get to you. Each day you do so much, Scottie, so when you’ve done what you can, you deserve rest/restoration.
    My old puter would shut itself off if I had that many tabs open at one time, I exclaim with a smile! 🤗


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