Florida County Bans Book On “Indoctrinating Penguins”

Again it is not about sex, pornography, or protecting children from sexualization.   It is about denying same sex couples, gay people / kids, or that people can have a gender different for their assigned sex from public and society.   It is about erasing an entire group of people from society.    One of the ways the LGBTQ+ gained acceptance was people knew others that were LGBTQ+.   They were family members, they were school peers, they were their friends / doctors / auto mechanics / and so much more that people realized they were not the monsters the haters claimed.   There was no sex in the book about penguins but it gave the impression that same sex couples were OK, it gave kids the idea that same sex couples could be parents, all things that the Christian right maga cannot tolerate.   They won’t allow society to progress past the 1950s as they are not comfortable with people living their lives in freedom or happiness because they demand to force people to live as makes the haters / Christian right live their lives.   Also the military is not happy with these red state hate rules against the gays and trans people along with abortion bans.    It interferes with military readiness as there are many same sex couples, gay people, trans people, trans / gay dependents, and females who want the right to control their own reproductive health.  The military is under attack from the right because they give three weeks no questions asked leave for pregnant people needing to leave state for an abortion.   I wouldn’t recommend a red state try to interfere with the travel of a military person.  The military is going to cut back facilites and tranning in these red states.    Hugs

Pensacola’s NBC affiliate reports:

The Escambia County school board voted Monday night to remove three challenged books from school libraries. The removed books below all contain LGBTQ+ characters. “All Boys Aren’t Blue” is a novel about a boy growing up Black and queer in America. It was available in all high schools.

“And Tango Makes Three” is a real story about two male penguins who raised a chick together at the Central Park zoo. “When Aidan Became A Brother” is a children’s picture book about a transgender boy becoming a big brother.

Dozens of people addressed the board Monday night both in support and against keeping these books in schools. “I am currently embarrassed to be an Escambia County student tonight,” one high school student said.

Read the full article.

Escambia County borders Alabama and is home to Pensacola and a major military aviation training facility.

They won’t stop until all of us are dead.

I won’t stop fighting back until I am dead

I agree. I am old, fat, and have some physical issues now. I am not as spry as I used to be but, I can still shoot and fight if I have to.
Sto-vo-kor awaits.

For a pansy I’m remarkably good with a knife.

They come for me or my husband, I stab them in the neck.

And the Log Cabin Republicans will offer to come up with a fabulous color scheme for the boxcars.


In Wisconsin, in leading up to the 2004 anti gay marriage amendment, during debates, Julian appalling said: “I think we have been very good to the gays. We let them live where they want to.” The reply in newspapers and online was: “Think of the money you save in barbed wire.”

There are a good many on the right and Christianity who want us in camps and dead.

Ever notice how if someone on the left says something, the press asks every democrat if they agree. Republicans framed the left with Vietnam war protestors and the press helped associate all democrats. Ever notice the press never asks the right if they agree with things like putting us in camps?

As far as Trans kids (and if they get their way here in Oklahoma up to the age of 26) they would rather force them to live in misery and despair and hopefully do themselves in.

Problem solved.

Our visibility is poison. Shit like this tells me they are hungry. Feeding time!

OMG, they are making a difference. No one in Florida will ever want to queer-out on some no-no zones with these books banned.

Just die already, FL GOP. You love Jesus so much, go see him already.

Imagine being scared of a book about penguins.

If a book about two male penguins raising a young one can influence someones sexuality then they certainly are questioning their own sexuality and should seek therapy

They don’t want kids to realize that a life as gay can be a good life. “Get back in that closet!”

I wonder what percentage of these book bigots actually read these books.


Books just give you ideas, and make you think, and who knows where that could end up?
Best to just avoid them, I say.

I know several men who are proud of the fact they don’t read anything. If it’s longer than a sentence or two they are done with it. According to them, its not “manly” to read…….

(my adoptive father felt this way.   His ability to read was very limited and he felt boys and men should play hard outside and work hard, then watch sports.  Reading was left only for the stats on the sports page.  The issue was a cause of much misery for me growing up. Hugs, Scottie)


Banning books about LGBTQ doesnt make those people disappear AND it doesnt make those thoughts disappear.

It just makes the people feeling those thoughts feel alone.

Which is what the fascists want in the first place

Or they think being LBGT is a choice so if you never show them we exist they’ll never get any ideas



“Most of the challenges coming from one specific teacher.”

Yep, that’s how democracies work.

Florida is Ground Zero today for the theofascists’ attempted takeover of America.

(What are all good Floridians and other good Americans going to do about it?)

What can we do… we can protest, we can march, we can sign petitions, we can elect democrats but the red states are not going to stop and as long as they frame it being about parental rights the SCOTUS is going to give them everything they want.

People are going to have to lose a lot before they pay attention and start voting in numbers to make a real difference. 80 million could not be bothered to even show up in 2020


It is not about parental rights.
It is all about stealing power
and controlling what the people see, hear and think.




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