The two screens I have been trying to get to

Hello everyone.   Here are the screenshots of the stories I want to read and then I have a story to tell everyone.  Notice the open tabs. Desk top 2Desk top 1

But what I really want to talk about it four days ago a woman I have done computer work for in the past.   She knew I had pulled back from helping people during Covid but she had hired someone to help and things were worse and now she couldn’t even get online and her computer refused to respond to the keyboard.   She said she did not know who to call and I said I would help.  I went to her home and I got angry at the story she told me.   She was being scammed.   A couple years ago during Covid her old computer died and she wanted to just get an inexpensive computer to do her family genealogy hobby and a couple other things, but she really did not spend much time on it.   The couple is in their 80s.   The computer person sold her a really old poor laptop, A Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983.  I came with windows 7 so the computer person sold her windows 10 at a profit.  Then the computer person set the computer up with an anti-virus.   I looked up the company and it has a good reputation, but one thing I noticed was the product was sold as a business product so covered a lot of computers in your business setup.  I noticed the price was reasonably low for that kind of deal but again the company had good reviews and ratings.   When I was telling the woman this she asked me the price and I told her, a little over $33 dollars.   From the look on her face I knew something was wrong.  The computer person she had bought the computer from who set it up was charging her over $50 dollars for the security software.   Also the woman paid a fee to the computer person so that if the computer had an issue the computer person would fix it but again a cost, a reduced cost because of the repair deal but still a cost.   Then because of the problems the computer person let slip that they had remote access to the computer and complete control over it.   The woman who called me was angry and upset, she did not want this and know what to do.  She was being legally scammed which she stopped any business relationship with that computer person because if I couldn’t repair her computer she would replace it or just go without.   I explained to her I could reset it and get her functions back while removing the remote control set up the other person had installed.   I explain the computer had a small AMD dual core processer so was going to be easily over loaded and that was why after starting the keyboard seemed not to be working because the computer simple need a lot of time to get to the new commands.  There was too much happening at start up that was set up by the other computer person and the remote software, plus the security software was set to do complete scans and do updates when the computer started taking all the resources.   Yesterday Ron and I got the laptop and accessories she wanted me to fix.   Before I connected it to my systems, I backed up the data on the computer to two different separate drives.  After making sure it was backed up I reset windows still offline.   That took all day yesterday.   Then this morning I went through the settings and privacy of the system, and only when I was sure as I could be I connected it to my set up putting it online.   I then reset windows from the cloud.   The download was quick but the computer is stressing to install windows and is at 26% moving very slowly.   

It makes me angry that people think nothing of taking advantage of older people who live in an old mobile home park just trying to have something when everything costs so much these days.  I ask why someone would try to milk these people of their very few dollars.   I told her I would do my best to take care of their computer needs like I did before Covid.   But they have had enough and are selling their home.   The hurricane Ian really frightened them.  I am investigating if windows defender is a good option for a security system anti-virus software.    Hugs

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  1. I too have come across similar cases over the many decades I have been involved with computers. Now that I’m in my 70s and haven’t had a Windows device for something like 15 years, I don’t feel confident supporting Windows OS or apps. I have set up Linux systems for some friends and family which I support but these days I no longer charge as I now consider it a hobby that keeps me mentally alert.

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