Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Conservatives Need Their Own ‘Safe Space’

What is woke, and the woke ideology.   It is the new term for what the right use to call PC or politically correct.   What is that?  It is being nice, being tolerant of those that are different from them, being civil in discussions and in public.   One definition from is; 

 adjective :  having or marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those involving the treatment of ethnic, racial, or sexual minorities.

What is wrong with that?   Being aware that there are people being treated unfairly.   Unless you are a racist bigot who wants to be rude, hurtful / harmful, and demeaning to others in public without suffering the consequences of those actions.  It is a small group of people demanding the country allow them to target people they hate and dislike.   They want the society of the 1950s where white people were the controlling authority in society always assumed to be in charge and above people of color.   They want a society that allowed men to demean and boss women around because men were unquestioningly in charge and women have no authority.  They want a time when there was little or no public recognition of any LGBTQ+ people and those in that community were openly targeted for harm / abuse.   That is what these maga want.  This is the goal of the anti-gay, anti-trans, and anti-social progress. 

I was once called a snowflake on Ark’s blog because I championed fixing social injustice.   I did not know what the term meant, and I said I was happy to be a snowflake as I thought it meant an individual.   Guess what I wear the title of social justice warrior proudly.    Helping those that are being unfairly attacked or targeted for abuse just for being a person of color or a member of the LGBTQ+ community is something to be proud of.     As I once mentioned safe spaces started in cities to let kids who were being abused at home or on their way to or from school by bullies / drug dealers / gang members know where they could go for help, where they could go to be safe.   I remember the advertisements on TV showing kids running from danger seeing the sign on fire stations or other businesses and dashing inside in relief.   I thought conservatives wanted to protect kids, but they mocked and derided safe spaces as a horrible thing.   Hugs

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Republicans deserve their own ‘safe space’ on Fox News.

Critics of “woke” policies are usually pretty skeptical about snowflakes calling for safe spaces—but Marjorie Taylor Greene is suddenly all for the idea. The Georgia lawmaker even went so far as to claim that MAGA Republicans “deserve” one of their own. “We’re fed up with Democrat policies, we’re fed up with the woke ideology being shoved down our throat, and we’re tired of our children being brainwashed into these same ideas,” Greene told Sean Hannity on Fox News on Tuesday. “We want our own safe space and we deserve it,” Greene added while discussing her recent advocacy for a “national divorce” between red and blue states. Commenting on Greene’s remarks, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tweeted: “Republicans ridiculed ‘safe spaces’ and called people ‘snowflakes’, this coming from one of their leaders is literally hilarious.”


Hannity defends Marjorie Taylor Greene's "national divorce" proposal, saying it is merely "a plan to decentralize the federal government"

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims a man yelled "F you!" at her in a restaurant

"We want our own safe space, and we deserve it" — Marjorie Taylor Greene

Originally tweeted by Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) on March 1, 2023.

Before I get to burn in your backpackemotional support pistolFreedom bumpsno one treated so badrepublican plan 2 yearsthe Florida underground railroadTo learn it



Seems to me that she and her cohorts invented the term “woke”, whatever that means — and now, she is yelling about it!!!

Sweet! The knuckle dragging badass admits she is a sham of a human being and needs to be isolated to preserve her own reality.

The woman who has openly committed adultery, switched religious lifestyle from mainstream Christianity to a fringe sect and tried to overthrow the government is complaining about another ideology being crammed down her throat. Irony RIP.

It’s never about the surface argument with conservatives. It’s always about them maintaining authority, all for fun, fame, and profit. It’s never really about anything else.


MTG is free to crawl back under the rock from which she slithered.

This is like when nazis are crying “You have to tolerate our intolerance, otherwise you’re a hypocrite!”

What MTG wants for her personal safe space– a large portion of the United States free of large women, small men, hijabs, lesbians, Blacks, drag queens, liberals, Mexicans, Jews, Catholics, and everybody who doesn’t think exactly like her.

With an implied “other” space for her to attack, of course.

“We’re fed up with Democratic policies that help average Americans, we’re fed up with enlightened ideology being shoved down our throat, and we’re tired of our children being educated”

You already have a “safe space”. Go to Truth Social, which is explicitly intended to be a space where MAGA bigots like you can hang out with like minded morons. That was built from the ground up to be your safe space.

Oh, I’m sorry. Is Truth Social a toxic shit-stain that nobody really wants to be on?

That sounds like a YOU problem.

They also pretty much have free rein over at Twitter now, too.

Obviously, that’s not good enough.

Because the bigots don’t really want “safe spaces”.

They want a captive audience.

They want everyone to just nod their heads and agree with their insane nutjobbery.

We’re tired of MAGA being shoved down our throats, tired of Republicans taking away our freedom to make choices about our bodies, freedom to express ourselves, to teach our children what we want to, tired of their racism and bigotry. It’s a two-way street, honey, get a grip.

A safe space for self-serving conservative lies?

Ms. Greene, may I introduce you to News Corp.? The universe of lies created by Rupert Murdoch sure seems to fit the bill, Marge. You have your own media empire that amplifies every treasonous brainfart you produce, bitch.

Come back tomorrow with more self-pitying bullshit. We’ll be waiting.

“We’re tired of our children being brainwashed into these same ideas”

Those would be her three adult children, all in their 20s, who might have opinions about her finalized divorce, the divorce she failed to carry through on a dozen years ago, and the tensions within her marriage that led to them.



3 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Conservatives Need Their Own ‘Safe Space’

  1. On topic, conservatives have all the space, and they make all the space safe for themselves because they are armed. They need safe spaces-ha. Whiners.


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