GOP Florida Bill Forces Colleges To Host Hate Activists.

Anything they can do to force a regressive return to a time before progressive civil rights and a progressive society that valued people for who they were including women, minorities, ethnic groups, and the LGBTQ+.   Look all those groups  / people have been around and part of us since the dawn of man, but the ability of those people to live openly in equality as they are, to live normal lives in society is something new in the last 80 years.   That is something the wealthy barons, the religious fundamentalists, and those unable to accept the changes in society are desperate to deny and reverse.  

I am sorry, I wish I could do more to promote this story.   I simply am not up to it.   Don’t just stop at the article I post, go to the story.  Things are changing fast and badly in Florida.  This is vitally important to what is happening in Florida due to the republicans under the direction of DerSantis.   It is a story of not allowing the majority to prevent the minority from forcing an ideology, a ridged ideological regressive conservative rule on a public that doesn’t want it.  This a group of ideologs that got a little authority and gerrymandered / voter suppressed it into a majority party win, and each time they gained more power they did everything they could even as their party shrank to increase their lock on power.  This is about big corporation money to force a government into office that will allow them to disregard human life while increasing profit.  Profit is king and greed is good.  But having ideas that support the importance of people or the government using its power to assist or support the public interferes with profit.  That cannot be allowed.   So in Florida they managed to get a few republican state legislature wind even using illegal means that still let the illegally elected person stay in office, then trump managed to get a failing far behind candidate for governor elected and the minority part who did not have a majority of the state’s votes changed everything to give themselves great advantages meaning large wins.   The situation in Florida is the public is 50/50 or even leaning blue but the republicans have made it almost impossible for a democrat to win in a lot of places and even if a democrat looks to win in at least three documented elections republicans violated laws to make sure the democrats cannot win.   Republicans want a one party rule which equals a dictatorship, just look at the governments around the world they support.   So to stop any free thought or kids getting the idea that there is any other way than republican ideology they make it illegal to teach it, to mention it, to disagree with the grand republican party and its minority rule will not be tolerated in the schools, in higher education facilities and now not even in the press or media.   Is this what the US wants?  Don’t you see examples of this in history?     Sorry I must go lay down.   Hugs

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GOP Florida Bill Forces Colleges To Host Hate Activists

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