Arizona Schools Chief Launches Anti-Teacher Snitch Line

Over the last 50 years while the democrats pursued only the highest offices in the land the republicans were pushing hard to take over state government and the churches rushed to take over the school boards.  I remember that in the 1990s in Palm Beach Conty that the big churches were fielding stealth candidates to take over the boards and change what was being taught.  It was underway back then!  Now the right wing /maga republicans are using their complete control over the levers of state power to end right, roll back protections, to take the states back to a time of strict gender roles for the sexes and a time when minorities were second class citizens who either knew their place or they were not allowed in society in any way.  In fact they are not just trying to return society where gays were a shame to the family but they want a time when gays could be arrested along with denied working for any level of government being banned from security clearances.  They are driving hard for this.  Look at the red states trying hard to bring back banned conversion therapy that has been well and full debunked as not only something that doesn’t work but was found to be very harmful to those subjected to it.   They again want to deny the medical science because it shows their ideology is wrong.   Being gay or trans is not a choice, it is not a disease needing to change or cured.   People are born gay / trans and while some manage to hide it, they should have to.  They should be able to live their lives freely as they really are.   Plus now they want to set up secret hidden police where neighbor spys on each other and reports to hotlines those not following the party rule.    Hugs

From the Arizona Department of Education:

Arizona schools chief Tom Horne has launched the Department of Education “Empower Hotline” so that Arizonans can report inappropriate public school lessons that detract from teaching academic standards.

These include those that focus on race or ethnicity, rather than individuals and merit, promoting gender ideology, social emotional learning, or inappropriate sexual content.

The hotline provides the opportunity for constituents to provide feedback, concerns or complaints, which is a standard service offered by multiple government agencies and private-sector businesses.

It is available at 602-771-3500, or through email at The phone line will be staffed during normal business hours, but after-hours phone calls as well as emails will be accepted at any time and followed up appropriately.

Horne explained, “Some say critical race theory (CRT) is a graduate study, not taught in K-12 schools. The evidence is to the contrary. I have a list of 250 Arizona teachers who signed a shocking statement promoted by the national teachers’ union, that if critical race theory were banned, they would defy the law.

“They would not have signed if they were not already teaching it. They come from 25 school districts, including the largest ones. Teachers must teach academics, not use their power over a captive audience, to promote their personal ideology. That is unprofessional conduct.”

Horne added, “I promised to establish this hotline so that anyone could report the teaching of inappropriate lessons that rob students of precious minutes of instruction time in core academic subjects such as reading, math, science, history and the arts. That promise is being kept.”

While Arizona state attorney general, Horne threatened to sue cities that recognized out-of-state same-sex marriages. That same year he proposed legislation allowing public school teachers to carry guns. Horne has faced multiple allegations of campaign finance crimes and has a lifetime trading ban by the Securities and Exchange Commission related to an investment firm he founded before running for public office. As you can see below, he is a supporter of QAnon freak show Vaseline Woman. 


Isn’t it odd that they think that they can actually change someone from being gay to being straight after months or years of therapy, but they also think an entire classroom of children will become gay after hearing a guy in a dress read them a story.
Fuck these people and their hatred of the LGBTQ community. They want to exterminate us. Ain’t gonna happen.

We need to lodge complaints in response to any lesson which mentions mommy/daddy, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, etc, as unnecessarily provocative.

‘Gender’ has no place in schools, right?


Oh sure let’s further harass and penalize the educators They are already the most over worked under appreciated segment of employment

Just call it the Karen Hotline. Teachers union will have a field day with this. Elections matter.

The real point of this is to force out any teacher who isn’t full-on MAGA. Who would want to work with a witch hunt going on? It’s not worth it.

“Teaching academic standards.” Is that what they’re calling White Supremacy indoctrination these days?

“…detract from teaching academic standards…”

So, no “social emotional learning”?

Granted, I went to Catholic school, but half of my report card was based on behavior. So it’s wrong to teach children social skills like how to behave in class and with each other?

This smells of a Libertarian influence.

I hope that students flood the call line with reports of teachers talking about their heterosexual spouses, or wearing crosses and talking about their faith.

Horne explained, “Some say critical race theory (CRT) is a graduate
study, not taught in K-12 schools. The evidence is to the contrary. I
have a list of 250 Arizona teachers who signed a shocking statement
promoted by the national teachers’ union, that if critical race theory
were banned, they would defy the law.

He missed a great opportunity to use the phrase “I have here in my hand…”

“They would not have signed if they were not already teaching it.”
Uhh.. assumes facts not in evidence. The question did not ask that.

So he has a definition of what CRT is? I wish he would share it with the rest of us.
Is it that white treated black people bad, killed them, and kept them as slaves for decades in this country? That’s not a theory, that’s true…..
This is just what Arizona needs for their teacher supply. It is a common belief among teachers around her that two places you don’t want to go teach is Colorado and Arizona. The pay and benefits are very low. This won’t help the state find teachers.

They were pulling that up in New Hampshire after passing their law banning “divisive concepts” in the classroom.

Now they’re whining about a big teacher shortage because all the good ones who could got the hell out and moved here to Massachusetts or elsewhere.

Arizona Republican Gestapo thinks kids are too stupid to hear anything non-negative about LGBT people, but does think they’re qualified to tell the state to fire their teachers over ‘not meeting the academic program’ before they even learn the material, never mind what the vaguely-worded ‘standards’ are supposed to be?

Umm, the thing is, education on history and racism is not what ‘Critical Race Theory’ is, but you use it as a buzzword to ban or silence any mention of actual things in the laws.


“The whole function of education is to create a Nazi.” ~ Bernhard Rust, Nazi education minister, February 1938

This Canadian immigrant, son of Polish immigrants, cost Arizona millions of dollars when as Attorney General he got the Republican-run legislature to ban Mexican studies here in Tucson. Went all the way to the Supremes, who told this old fuck to fuck the fuck off. The bill he promoted banned well-known history books because they mentioned discrimination against Mexican-Americans. Always interesting to see immigrants coming to the US and promoting hatred towards other immigrants (e.g., Rupert Murdoch).

Superintendent Horne said, “There’s nothing more outrageous than religious prejudice…”

Nothing? I can think of a few things:

– pastors who sexually abuse children
– revivals
– evangelical parents who brainwash their children
– “ex-gay” torture
– Anti-Semitism
– racism
– rape
– laws that dehumanize and persecute LGBTQ people
– Republicans
– Trumpvangelicals
– QAnon cultists
– White/Christian Nationalists
– book bans
– the dissemination of far-right propaganda
– everyone who works at Fox

“Um… my teacher talks about the Bible all the time and wears a cross necklace. I feel threatened…”

Trans man forced to play in women’s sports due to transphobic Texas laws.

He wants to play in men’s sports but is not allowed.

  • Posting it mostly because this picture has been making the rounds in transphobe twitter as an example of why trans women shouldn’t be allowed to play womens’ sports… but this is actually a trans man, not a trans woman.

    Ultimately the attempts to ban certain women from sports is stupid, it’s the same logic that leads the Olympics to banning all three medalists in the 800 meter race from participating unless they take feminizing drugs.

    These medalists were all AFAB and identify as women.

  • Avatar

    The Ohio legislature is contemplating banning trans folks from high school sports.

    The Ohio schools athletic association said there are 4 trans students (didn’t identify male or female) in the high school sport system. But only 2 would be playing any sport this year. Out of almost 500,000 high school students, the legislature is all about 2 of them. Wasting time about 2 students.




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