Florida Now Going After Social Studies Textbooks

The white nationalist religious racist maga fanatics are not satisfied with wiping out the LGBTQ+ from schools and making their lives difficult in Florida.  Now they want to whitewash the racist history of the US to wipe out the mistreatment and economy of the slave states built of free slave labor that gave no benefit of that labor to the black people but instead benefited only the white people.   This started with outlawing any teaching that would make white kids uncomfortable, with no care how the black kids in the same classes / age groups felt.   It was totally geared to the comfort and image of the white students.   This current drive removed the historical context as to why the standard economic situations are so different when you compare white economic status to the average black family’s economic status.   This denies the systematic racism that has existed in the US even to today.   Red lining preventing community up grades, loans for businesses in majority black areas, the taking of black areas by the government so businesses could make profit that again destroyed black communities.   Mass transit was often denied to lower income black areas that needed it for work because they couldn’t afford cars.   There are so many ways the systems are designed to disadvantage blacks that make the current economic situation clear it is not the black communities fault.   Look at the difference in funding and supplies between traditional majority black public schools compared to white majority public schools.  This is being done so that racist can make a case that the situation black people are in is their own doing, they are less intelligent than whites, they care less about their families than whites, they care less about their homes / property than whites, the reason police action against blacks is they don’t respect police or follow their directions like white people do leaving out the context of the way blacks are treated by police in the US even in the modern day.   

We must fight back against this with everything we have.  Florida has already become the Meca paradise for the white supremist white Christian nationalist crowd backed up by thug gang enforcers that love the Gov. DeathSantis attacks anyone who is different while acting like a king with any who disagrees with him, threatening what little free press remains.   Oh ya, this is the free state of Florida according to DeathSantis campaign slogan. Hugs

The New York Times reports:

In Florida, textbooks have become hot politics, part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign against what he describes as “woke indoctrination” in public schools, particularly when it comes to race and gender. Last year, his administration made a splash when it rejected dozens of math textbooks, citing “prohibited topics.” Now, the state is reviewing curriculum in what is perhaps the most contentious subject in education: social studies.

In the last few months, as part of the review process, a small army of state experts, teachers, parents and political activists have combed thousands of pages of text — not only evaluating academic content, but also flagging anything that could hint, for instance, at critical race theory. The Florida Citizens Alliance, a conservative group, has urged the state to reject 28 of the 38 textbooks that its volunteers reviewed.

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They’re even going after Rosa Parks.



Hey Teacher … what does “different sorts of groups” mean?

Why did a lady being asked to move her seat go to the Supreme Court?

Kids won’t ask such questions. I remember being told “savages” liked being civilized by European invaders when the country was founded

I thought that sounded wrong but I didn’t speak up as a kid

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
– democratic Socialist George Orwell.

I can’t wait for FL kids to learn about the War of Northern Aggression and the reign of the Tyrant Lincoln. /s


It “focuses too much” on the “negative side” to our genocide of the collective tribes and nations of the Native American cultures?

So they’re saying they want us to celebrate genocide then?

Figures. They are neo-nazis after all.

I’m glad we are getting some actual examples now of what these changes entail. They are even worse than I imagined. So bad that the students, I hope, will be correcting the teachers.

A whole state full of white supremacists. That’s what ROnda Sandtits is shooting for

Because no one will know that white people did anything wrong .

DeSantis vs. diversity: Blacklists have universities playing defense as Republicans attack<.b>

” In more than a dozen interviews with the Herald, faculty and staff described a quiet calculus on campuses as educators navigate an increasingly hostile work environment resulting from vague and ever-evolving directives coming from Tallahassee.



Hey Teach … what does “Colored” only mean?

Can I use my Crayolas and markers?

How long before the first highschooler cant get into college because they learned nothing?

That wont happen. As it is the red states will pass laws to make it mandatory that all colleges accept their new standards and then sue to get in front of SCOTUS and thats all it takes. Red states know how to take over the country and impose their will without firing a shot.

I wonder if any democratic governors beside Newsom in CA will have the nerve to play hardball with the feds on enforcement of red states rules for blue state citizens?

Schools are already eliminating the SAT as a requirement.

There are legislatures pushing state colleges and any college that takes state monies to follow the Hillsdale “classical” education model.

Count on the NYT to call censorship and book destruction by a fascist state ‘hot politics’.

I thought that was a bit unfair until I clicked through and saw an article which was the current affairs version of the altered ‘Studies Weekly’ textbook.
I can’t remember who said it first but if someone says it’s raining and someone else says it’s not, your job as a journalist isn’t to say ‘A says it’s raining, B says it’s dry,’ but to look out of the window to see which one is correct.

Honestly if we the people are content to let it happen its going to get much worse. I just ask myself and our leaders and all of us… why the fuck are we not in the streets marching every weekend, every chance, protesting and standing up to fascist.

So Cuban Floridians you fled a regime in your country supported by Russia and now you vote and support a Russian leaning authoritarian as your governor. Where will you exile next and aid in its demise?

Yes but the whites preach racism against blacks and Mexicans. Let me tell you from living in a Cuban neighborhood and knowing and interacting with many of them.. they give the white rednecks a run for the money on hating those two peoples specifically.


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