THE TRACE: Most parents fear school shootings. But kids are 3 times more likely to be shot at home.

Most parents fear school shootings. But kids are 3 times more likely to be shot at home.
Most parents worry a shooting could happen at their children’s school. But a Trace analysis found that three times as many kids were shot in domestic violence incidents between 2018 and 2022.

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2 thoughts on “THE TRACE: Most parents fear school shootings. But kids are 3 times more likely to be shot at home.

  1. Too many gun-owners have been swayed by the fanatical NRA that they NEED protection at all times … but then no one tells them how to store the gun safely.

    P.S. In a drawer, under the bed pillow, on top of the refrigerator, etc. are NOT safe places!

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    1. Hello Nan. Very true. But you follow that out and the media especially the right wing media wants to convince you we are in a dystopian hellscape where no one can walk around in a blue state/ blue city without being assaulted by gang thugs with guns. But these same right wing media preachers then claim it is all because the right wants some kind of safety controls on weapons that makes us unsafe. So as three people have guns the next ten people must have guns and since now 13 people have guns to be safe 23 more people must have guns … and so on. It is a house of cards built on lies and myths that defy all science and studies. But these people need to ask themselves why at the same time the NRA is telling them at the loudest volume that they need to have guns and carry them at all times does this very organization prevent and forbid guns at their own events! As your favorite right winger gun lover that question, why when the NRA claims only when you can openly carry any weapon anywhere do they prevent them at their own events?

      I agree with you on what are not safe spaces. And we have already talked about all the studies that show a gun kept that way because a person is so scared of an undefined possible harm that they end up shooting their own child or dog in such situations. We need to stop all the scaremongering. Recently on Sam Seeder’s show he got talking about meeting these people on a vacation he recently went on. They mentioned the used to love going to New York City where Sam lived. Yet now they wouldn’t think of going there. Sam asked them why and they replied all the violence and gun deaths. You know Sam, you live there. When Sam pointed out that crime especially gun violence had gone down they were at first disbelieving and then left wondering why their right wing media had lied to them. The right loves to hype gun violence and the claim that in blue states / blue cities that people are terrified due to the constant attacks, yet the facts show it is not blue states or cites suffering that but red states and red cities. But the longer and louder the right wing media lies about it the more the people in the country not only beleive it but repeat it. Hugs

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