Pete Buttigieg’s Trump SMACKDOWN surges into spotlight

7 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg’s Trump SMACKDOWN surges into spotlight

    1. I LOVE … LOVE … LOVE Bryan Tyler Cohen!! He gets right to the point and essentially there’s nothing he says that can’t be proved. But of course, the ones that NEED to hear/watch him … well, they’re too busy soaking up the diatribes on Faux News.

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      1. I fully agree with you on Brian Tyler Cohen! I’ve never seen one of his videos that I didn’t agree with and find myself nodding my head! No, I’m sure the Republicans cannot tear themselves away from Tucker long enough to watch someone who actually tells the truth.

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    2. Hello Jill. Thank you for sharing the video. Pete is a great ambassador for the LGBTQ+ community. He is funny, unassuming, breaks all the stereotypes, and clearly cares deeply for his husband / family. I would have loved to see him as Elizabeth Warren’s VP if she ever gets the nomination. Either way, he has his eyes set on higher office, and he will get there. Hugs

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      1. I fully agree! It will take time, but I can envision Mayor Pete sitting in the White House someday. At least, if the people of this nation can set aside their prejudices. They couldn’t do it in 2016 when we had one of the most qualified candidates ever running, but … well, she was a woman. Hugs, my friend!


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