Republicans: Argue Against Meals For Poor Kids, Then Give Themselves More Money For Food

5 thoughts on “Republicans: Argue Against Meals For Poor Kids, Then Give Themselves More Money For Food

    1. Now Jeff, you know that’s not true! They’re all “good” Christians!! Just ask them. And as True Believers™, you can be assured they care about and love ALL people!

      But especially themselves. 😠

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      1. Hello Nan. What do you think is more important to this group of people, the constant raiding donations off their culture wars or forcing their religion on the country via laws to make their god dominant and happy? Hugs


    2. Hello Jeff. Greed is their god now and has been for a very long time. Look at Tony Perkins who just yesterday gave a statement that Jesus promoted gun ownership. WTF, at a time when I am not sure the catapult had been invented this creep is insisting his god wanted all his followers to own as many guns including Ar-15 military style rifles as possible. It is all about the culture wars and these Christian groups being able grift big time money while filling pews to enforce their religion on everyone. Perkins, Reed, and all of them grift constantly to promote their religion not for themselves but to be able to oppress others with it. Hugs

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