Randy sent me this video. He did not include any commentary. This is caused by the same people that want to deny any public mention of LGBTQ+ people. Hugs

Are schools to now be prisons instead of learning facilities? Is that what we want as a country for our children while other advanced countries give advanced education, healthcare, and decent living for their children / public. Hugs

22 thoughts on “Randy sent me this video. He did not include any commentary. This is caused by the same people that want to deny any public mention of LGBTQ+ people. Hugs

    1. Hello Nan. I agree. At this point until we can legally contain the flood of guns the most we can do to help these kids is minimize the trauma done by these drills and the knowledge that they could be targets at any time. Being bullied is bad enough on kids targeted, think of having to go to school everyday knowing you could be shot, you could not go home, you could die. Honestly Nan, I am stunned at the strength of kids today to face that but a lot of that comes from not having a choice. The mental stress has to be overwhelming.

      Look at it this way. My pain doctor and I were talking about what we did for Easter. She gathered with family members and did go to a nice place where groups could spread out. It was the first time they had been back out in public for events or to eat. I told her Ron and I have not yet joined in public events nor eating out because if it was not covid there was now a risk of being shot just going to the grocery store. We as an adult are now facing what kids have for generations. Hugs

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  1. Scottie, here’s a link to a bit I ran across earlier. I really enjoy Billy Porter’s talent, and am pleased to share this one.

    Shooter lockdown drills are one of maybe 2 things I miss about working with the school district. We did those at the courthouse, as well, back when I worked for the judges. But we were adults. The day after a school shooting, dropping off our son was the hardest thing I’d done to that point. I’m not sure something has been that hard again, yet.

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      1. Hello Ali. Ya I read it twice before I got that it was a typo. My brain autocorrected it for you to put the right words in. I can not imagine have to send a child into a building knowing they might never come back out alive. What a horrible lottery, what a shit game of chance. All because some adults cannot stand to not have their play toys. I wonder how they will feel when it is their child? I was saying to Nan on her comment how much worse it must be for little kids to face this daily than for an adult. You expressed that much better than I did.

        From the link you sent was a powerful quote that is eye opening. It applies to the LGBTQ+ community also. Hugs

        “It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk on the earth as if I had a right to be here,” Porter said, referencing James Baldwin’s 1960 essay “They Can’t Turn Back”. “I have the right, you have the right. We all have the right.”

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        1. Well, that reminded me of things you’ve written. I just thought the whole story is pretty uplifting, and all in all, a great thing. James Baldwin was also an exceptional human.

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          1. Hello Ali. You have a talent as I have said. The story is very uplifting, and to have so little anger or bitterness for the treatment he received in his daily life is amazing. I think you must have an interesting life story. Have you thought of creating a blog of your own? Hugs

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    1. Hi Scottie;
      I sent this to you without comment because it was beyond comment for me at the time. She’s such an elfin looking little thing, and to be forced to face the reality of a ‘bad man coming to kill people”. I didn’t have to deal with this when I was little. We are supposed to leave the world better for our children. Look what we’ve done.

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      1. Hello Randy. As adults we have to face the fact that we now can be easily shot while at events, even when we simply go to the grocery store. But are adults with the choice to go or not to go. Think of a child who depends on adults for protection and food to have to face going into a building knowing they could be shot, could not be going home due to “bad” people. As Ali said the fear of a parent letting their child at school is overwhelming, think of the child who heard about the shooting also. Think how fearful the older kids who must all the time while trying to learn be aware of who is around them, who looks like they could pop off with a gun, where to hide in each room, so on. It is hard enough for bullied kids but add being shot to the mix and how any kids manages to go to school or learn is beyond me. Thanks again for the video, this is the world we are leaving kids today. I wonder if they will be grateful and thank us? Hugs


        1. I wanted to toss that in-the differences in perspective-thanks, Scottie! It was hard taking our son to school after a shooting; it was enraging to (a little later in life) participate in “crisis” drills-what our district calls shooter drills-with the little kids I worked with after school. You sort of know me; you know I had one devil of a time keeping my mouth shut! I just stayed with the kiddoes so I wouldn’t spout something off about solutions rather than lockdowns.

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    1. I agree Jill, I agree. What a world we are gifting to our children. A dystopian life retreating to the economics of the robber barons with the chance of dying from lack of food, shelter, disease, or guns increasing all the time. So much about protecting our children. But we will soon be able to teach them that Noah saved all the living things during the great flood as it says in a history / science book written 2,500 years ago with more information that we have in our modern technological world. Hugs

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      1. This dystopian situation caused a change in (local) policy! We used to be told to redirect conversations that included weapons, explosions, etc., and to report anything that sounded at all threatening. More recently, that changed to allow some comments from the kiddoes because they have to let off steam about it all, and talking about it is how they do it. That was a nifty switch…

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      2. If I were young and just entering my adult life now, I would opt NOT to have children, for I don’t think there is a bright future ahead at all. Oh yes, we can read fairy tales to them! That should make them feel much better as they scrounge for food, dodge bullets, and gasp for clean air to breathe. Sigh. Hugs

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          1. I would find a way, for it is such an unrealistic law that … where there’s a will, there’s a way. But more to the point, given my current mindset, I would just say “Hands Off” to any and every guy. You want to have sex with me? Then get the law changed and give me back my rights … until then, no hanky panky. And if all else failed, there are always coat hangers.

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            1. Hi Jill;
              At the risk of being roasted at the pit by all straight men in the nation, something quite similar happened in 1975. Perhaps you should spread the word and see what happens?
              Ps: I was never here. We never had this conversation.
              hugs and good luck!

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