Shapiro Calls For Criminalizing “Men Wearing Dresses”

This is Ben Shapiro.  The head of and the leader of the Daily Wire, one of the biggest right wing media outlets.   His hosts include people like Matt Walsh, Candace Owens, Michael Knowles, Jordan Peterson, Dennis Prager all who have either called for the elimination, deportation, or making completely illegal the LGTBTQ+ community / people.   This is one of the most watched and quoted right wing media, and Shapiro is wrongly considered one of the right’s intellectual.  Several of these people spoke at the CPAC events calling for the extermination of gay and trans people, and all media about the LGBTQ+ community.

I was talking in the comments the other day about what the republicans / the right want to achieve with these drag bans, what their goal is.   It is not to regulate adult entertainment, burlesque, and strip shows with drag performers as those laws already exist.   This is not about normal obscenity such as showing genitals, as again those are already well regulated.   

What is being regulated out of existence, outlawed in public, is what Nan calls cross-dressing and what right means when they say drag.  They want to make it illegal for a man to dress as a woman, to wear a dress / skirt or a woman to wear clothing normally assigned stereotypically to males.   It is about enforcing stereotypes of what is a woman’s role and what is a man’s role even to what clothing each role typically wore then.   Remember the comedy shows in the 1970’s / 1980s where the laugh line was a man wearing an apron?   Well here is Shapiro just saying what the goal is.   Flat out removing trans people from society and public view.   Flat out trying to legislate what a gender can wear based on old stereotypes of gender roles.   The goal is to return to a time when females were in not in men’s jobs, doing men’s work, when women were home in time to make dinner for their husband and wait on him.   All to protect the children, remember?    

First they came for the trans people, but I was not trans … then they came for …  Hugs

“Should wearing dresses and skirts be illegal for men in public? If so, should wearing pants for women in public be illegal in public? Well, pants not so much because there is a female version of pants that is nearly indistinguishable in many cases from male pants. But men wearing traditional female clothing in public – I think that there is a case that local communities should be able to stop that. Sure, I mean, we have local laws about being naked or indecent exposure, at least we used to.” – Ben Shapiro.


Ben, you’re an idiot–and a mob of Scotsmen would like a word with you.

Now I’m definitely going to have to don my kilt when I go to the Renaissance Faire in my Renaissance drag

We’re all born naked. Everything else we wear is drag.

We’re all born naked, and the rest is just drag. — Ru Paul

I read a story once about westerners having trouble understanding that in Indian women wore something like pants while men worse robes. This was traditional gender-coded attire in their country. Gender roles differ across time and place. Only right wing Americans who don’t know that there was history before 1950 think that clothing or anything else has a universal meaning.

In the 19th century, Blue was for girls (“like Mary’s mantle”), and Pink was for boys (“his boyish, ruddy cheeks!”).

That was pretty common right up until around WWII. It wasn’t until after the war that it switched around. It was just like the baby dresses they used for both sexes. There are still a few photos around from my dad and my uncle when they were babies and then pre-teens. The short pants are precious.

Oh fuck that. Any actual feminist (meaning, people who aren’t TERFs/”Gender Criticals” aka conservative blowhards) knows that them criminalizing “men wearing dresses” will also inevitably mean criminalizing women wearing pants, which will mean using the violence of government to police womens’ modesty.

In other words, we’ll become Iran after Trump handed the theocrats and autocrats power by rejecting Obama’s deal that was getting them to open up.


8 thoughts on “Shapiro Calls For Criminalizing “Men Wearing Dresses”

    1. Hello Ali. He seems to be someone who is not happy unless he can deprive others of what makes them happy. He is always the victim or society and never cares how others feel. OK first what most people don’t know is Ben Shapiro and his company gets a lot of funding from right wing hate bigots like the Mercer family. They also bankroll Prager U to the tune of 23 to 30 million dollars a year to push right wing hateful bigotry. So the fact is paid to be a right wing shill and bigot. Which makes it hard to tell how sincere he is. I have seen him face off with real left wing media types and he comes off much differently than he does in his scripted edited videos. So I am not sure if he is a true believer or just paid to be hateful to other people. But I do feel sorry for his kids if they ever come out as LGBTQ+. Oh and did you ever hear the video where he claims his wife who is a doctor says if a “pussy” (slang for female sex organ) gets moist or wet during sex it is a sign of illness? It was in his famous hate take on Beyoncé song WAP. It is so funny as he seriously tried to address how bad the song is for the country. Hugs

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  1. It just occurred to me that the big white beard is probably ok but my fifty years of hair, no matter how tightly braided or tucked down my shirt, is as much a “cross-dressing” target as Nan’s quaint canard.

    Backlash is a bitch. The further they push, the farther the pushback. Anecdotally, I would not be surprised if we are seeing the very beginnings of the end of suits and ties …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. Nan has commented against my longer hair now for several years. She also did not like when my beard was bushy so you might want to watch that. 😂🤣😁 Well we all have our own ideas of what looks good. I personally don’t like the shape of my face without my beard but when everyone online tried to get some scruffy face hair I shaved mine off. I hate to “follow trends”. Hugs

      Funny story, I first grew my beard back after 9/11. I was driving my adoptive mother somewhere in WPB and she saw a bearded dark skin man walking on the sidewalk. She burst out that “There is one of those terrorists”! I immediately questioned her, and she was adamant that it was clear from the fact he had a big beard, forgetting I guess one of her own hell spawn had a beard for a long part of his life. Plus he had dark skin so he had to be up to no good. We were just driving on a city street with nothing a terrorist would even be interested in. But because she hated men with face hair I started growing my beard. I am thinking of growing it back again.

      On suits and ties I would love for them to go away. I never liked ties and insisted on wearing string ties when I could get away with it. Hugs


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