NPR: A Nashville senior was banned from prom for a suit, so a local business stepped in

A Nashville senior was banned from prom for a suit, so a local business stepped in
B Hayes, an 18-year-old student at Nashville Christian School, was banned from going to their prom because they wore a suit and not a dress. The school said it “has established dress requirements.”

Read in NPR:

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Best Wishes and Hugs,Scottie

4 thoughts on “NPR: A Nashville senior was banned from prom for a suit, so a local business stepped in

    1. Hello Ali. Yes spectacular. In the US today we need to see uplifting caring stories like this. There is so much hate in the country, it is nice to see some compassion and caring.

      Ali all of this is over cloth. Seriously, there is a famous Suzy Eddie Izzard before she came out as trans, when she was cross-dressing. She makes the point that she was accused of wearing women’s clothing. She denied that as she was wearing clothing she bought and owned and at the time she did not identify as a woman. The cloth that is traditionally assigned to one gender or the other changes frequently. In the 1950s did you see many women in pants? Clothing requirements / dress codes are a way to enforce stereotypes. Making women different from men. But that is a thing that changes due to culture or time period. The founding fathers would be arrested in Tenn and other red states by the way they looked / dressed. Jesus is depicted in a robe / dress in most pictures. In other countries, men wear flowing robes like dresses or extra long shirts that come to the knees or lower. Cloth doesn’t have a gender! I don’t believe in a men’s clothing or woman’s clothing, it is simply material that covers the body. Personally, I feel it is not my business to dress anyone else. I feel lucky these days to dress myself, and I don’t want to be responsible for what other people wear. Hugs

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        1. Shopping’s one of the last places I would wear a dress! 😄😄 (I think I know you were asking Scottie, so I’m funnin’ here, except it’s true for me.) I have seen kilts worn by I-presume-men while shopping, as a btw. I know kilt-wearers take exception to kilts being referred to as skirts or dresses. I don’t have a blue ribbon emoji, but I always think of the song “The Scotsman” when I think of kilts.


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