Ben Shapiro’s Most Insane Anti Trans Take Yet

This is one of the best dissection of how stupid the rights anti-trans arguments are.    If you are anti-trans and want to educate yourself then watch this.   If you just want to see how damn dishonest the right has to be to promote their Puritan old fashion idea of what is gender / how each gender must behave / clothing they must wear, please watch this.   Also I will remind everyone first that gender acceptable clothing has changed throughout history.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro’s Most Insane Anti Trans Take Yet

  1. Thank you for this, from a person in another state whose leg. just curtailed rights and privacy for some in the name of “protection of children” in locker rooms and bathrooms, maybe other places, as well. They speak as if they actually care about the girl children with female anatomy; all the other children don’t seem to matter.

    The thing is, if trans people go back under cover, as it were, they’re still going to be in the same places, doing what people do in those places, along with the others there doing the same things, same as it’s ever been. This primarily takes away from young athletes, for now. I know I’ve commented before about jr. and high school showers being uncomfortable for most; also that all bathrooms should simply have stalls and enough of them, for a change.

    I would have been in such trouble here in my home state back in my 20s, when I used men’s rooms occasionally (4 or more stalls plus 2 urinals!) when the women’s room (1 toilet and a sink) was constantly full. People gotta go when they gotta go, and it doesn’t matter who we are.

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes you are correct it has nothing to do with protecting kids and they use female kids as that generates more fear in the those hearing it that males would be deviant spying on their daughters. But everyone misses the easy fix to showers, locker rooms, and other spaces. I worked in a hospital that all rooms were individual, but I have been in older hospitals that had multiple patient rooms. They used a curtain on a track hung from the ceiling that they could pull around for privacy. We used them in the ICU because our rooms had glass walls / doors facing the halls so we could see the patients, but we had curtains like I described that we could pull around to close off the room for privacy. Or put up small dividers that give privacy but allow teachers to monitor the situation.

      But Ali a large part of the problem is the Puritan mind set driven mostly by religion. They have convinced themselves that any normal sexual feeling or just the seeing of a sex organ, including breasts, is going to destroy a kid and cause god to wipe out the country. Men would leave their wives for other men or something crazy like that. People are sexual / sensual beings, and that includes kids. But these groups have fought for a really long time to deny any sexual feeling or desire as a good thing. They have been taught that their god wants them to suffer and sex is only for creating children. If so why did he make it so damn fun and pleasurable? To spite us I guess.

      I was in Germany using co-ed bathrooms and no one cared. You could see nudity on TV and this was the 1980s. I remember being shocked seeing a billboard with a woman showing her breasts. Then in Berlin I discovered the nude beach which was on a small lake that you could see the clothed people on the other side. It was funny because you could tell the new US service people who would come to nude beach because they would lay on their bellies and not roll over or get up until they had to. After a bit, it just became normal to see other people nude. It did not destroy the country, it did not turn everyone gay or trans or make all the females pregnant.

      When I was in a church boarding school in the boys’ dorm, we had a few kids scared to be nude to even shower. We had one room with shower heads on the walls. One boy was so scared of nudity he showered in shorts / tee shirt and only when he thought no one else was going to be showering. If others came in to shower when he was there, he would leave. His family was very strict SDA. They felt being seen by others was a sin and the fault of the person being unclothed. Crazy, but it is like the idea that reading or seeing media with LGBTQ+ content will make you LGBTQ+. Hugs

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