For those supporting anti-trans bathroom bills

These are trans men.

Thumbnail These men would be required to use the women’s bathrooms.   These bathroom bills do cause harm because it forces all people who do not fit a gender stereotype to prove they are the gender of the bathroom they want to use.   Not manly enough for the maga crowd, these bills let them challenge you going to the men’s bathroom.  A woman who doesn’t look feminine enough will be challenged and assaulted by the maga crowd, who think they get to determine who uses what bathroom.   Is the next thing genital inspectors at bathroom entrances.    But the real goal of these maga republicans is to drive the trans people from the public.  Then they will try to get rid of the rest of the LGBTQI+.   Hugs

4 thoughts on “For those supporting anti-trans bathroom bills

  1. Based SOLELY on the pictures of THESE “men,” I wouldn’t think they would have any problems walking into a men’s bathroom. And certainly they could go into a stall to carry out their needs … so no one would be the wiser.

    However, not every trans-man looks like this and I think this is part of the transgenderism problem because humans –in general– DO tend to base their opinions/assumptions on looks (in pretty much ALL parts of life).

    Now don’t get riled up and come back at me with your defensive standpoint. I know all about the battle that’s underway AND your viewpoint on it (how could I not???). I’m just making a general statement and DO NOT want to argue.

    On an added note … I can’t help but wonder how many hormones that really hairy guy has to take!! 😲❗

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    1. Hello Nan. You can ignore my reply but I am going to make it anyway. As I told you if you comment I might reply.

      These men could and do blend. But legally these laws force them to go into the female restrooms. That should point out how silly these bathroom laws are.

      As you say, it is based on looks. But who is the judge? Everyone has different standards. And so I might say a person looks feminine enough or male enough but the next person will argue they are not. But really who gets to be the enforcer? Just anyone? Can I demand someone prove they’re the correct gender before they enter the restroom? Can you? What next, genitalia checks? So we need to station screeners at each bathroom door?

      About the hormones, I have to take testosterone. Due to my other shots and other medical issues, my body stopped producing enough testosterone, causing my bone issues to get much worse. Plus other things. I give my self a 1ML shot every two weeks. Before the hormone I had an average amount of body hair. I had hairy arms and legs, and chest hair. Damn, after I started the testosterone I started to sprout dark hair everywhere and I do mean everywhere, my voice has deepened over the last year, and there has been other changes. I told one of my doctors I was going through puberty again. One of the trans people I watch only takes a shot every 3 weeks and they look like a boy to me. I can imagine based on their genetics if the person were going to be a hairy guy if born male, getting even a small dose of testosterone could produce a lot of hair. Hugs


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