“Can’t you hear the children scream”? Send by Randy

6 thoughts on ““Can’t you hear the children scream”? Send by Randy

  1. The Rex Chapman thread was heartening to see.
    Interestingly, the Jersey Craig thread is marked “adult content”, and one must log in to see. I refuse.
    But the Chapman thread helps me keep bugging my legislators.


    1. This is one time I’m pleased I still have a (dormant) twitter account. Perhaps the most powerful poem I’ve ever heard. It’s adult content due to the language used, and in the context of the poem I think such language is appropriate. If you don’t have a twitter account, then I highly recommend you find someone who does and listen to the words of @INQLIFE

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      1. Thank you! I’ll get there soon. I’d presumed it was marked adult to discourage people seeing it.


  2. I find poetry a form of expression that does little for me – in fact it mostly goes above my head. But this one is so raw that it blows me away! Thank you Scottie, A great find.

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  3. Hi Barry, Ali and Scottie;
    When those kids were shot in Uvalde it was the last time I thought that in the end a cop would stand between a bullet and a civilian, a kid at least. But they didn’t. They were afraid. I understand, I would have been afraid too, but I wouldn’t have just stood there while kids died. It was a shock to my life because I thought that deep down they were the good guys doing an incredibly difficult and often ‘lesser of evils’ job. I was wrong, I was disappointed, and I was ashamed.
    It’s a horrible feeling to look at people I love, people who really love their so-called “freedom”, and know that they love that gun and whatever it has come to mean to them more than a child’s life. And, what scares me is that as the death toll has risen, the double-down factor has become more frenzied. What does it take? When does the cost become too high? Who has to die before these people realize there is a problem and that they are on the wrong side?


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