Florida Construction Sites And Farm Fields Empty Of Workers Due To Impending Anti-Migrant Bill [VIDEO]

This post is for those who claim the US doesn’t need immigrants, documented and undocumented.   The US has a worker shortage, especially in the hardest to do jobs.   The US has a need for younger people to support the aging population.   Immigrants want to fill these needs, they are coming here to work and raise families.    Yet because they have darker skin tones, the right fights hard to prevent them coming into the country.     Hugs

They tried this in Alabama 14 years ago. Construction and farming came to a screeching halt. There was no one to build houses and what was a 6 month to 8 month build went to 12 to 14 months.

it almost destroyed farmers, all immigrants fled to georgia and florida.

And then GA did this after AL and it had the same outcome. Agro and construction stopped. GA lost 300 million that one year and lost a decent percentage of their migrant workers for years after.

Even legal immigrants left the state

and a lot of tax revenue…

I suspect Latinos with green cards or citizenship also faced a lot of bigotry as well. Not surprised they would want to leave.


Looking forward to Meal Team 6 stepping forward to take these desperately needed jobs.


And when they tried to use prison labor it failed spectacularly.

So, all those idiots who screamed, “They’re taking our jobs!” can get back to work now, right?

conservatives never fucking learn. You can’t have the labor without the laborers. They’re a goddamn package deal.

So where, oh where, are all the Reuplicans that were claiming illegal immigrants were taking their jobs away from them? Surely there must’ve been a LOT of white Republicans looking for field and construction work, right?

Once the public schools are shut down there will be plenty of cheap labor!


3 thoughts on “Florida Construction Sites And Farm Fields Empty Of Workers Due To Impending Anti-Migrant Bill [VIDEO]

  1. You’re totally correct about the immigrants in the fields doing work that no “purebred WHITE American male” would ever be caught doing.

    I just don’t get it. WHY does the color of one’s skin make a difference??? I think TexasBoy’s comment was spot-on.

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree with your first paragraph, but I don’t understand the second one. I am going to take a stab at it but I might be replying to something you are not asking. If so, let me know. Thanks.

      Why the color of the skin make a difference in picking crops? Is that what you were asking? It is not the color of the skin, but the hardship involved. It is seriously hard work and the pay is notoriously low. When I went to the boarding school to get away from my home situation, I was used to pain, being hurt. I also was used to working after school and all day during the summer on a farm. The full damage to my spine, legs, shoulders, joints had not yet manifested. So when I got to the school that summer I was 17 and rather healthy. A local crop farmer wanted kids to pick vegetables. I was chosen to pick ears of corn. I lasted a week, the second week on Tuesday I couldn’t walk or stand the pain in my back. My hands were torn up. I quit. But I did good, over half the kids never made it the first three days. Most quit the second day. I told them I couldn’t do it. Instead they sent me to a furniture factory where I stood at a station putting prefab wooden furniture together. I think only three kids did more time crop picking but by three weeks every boy, they wouldn’t let girls do it, had quit.

      The people who do that work suffer and work in the worst conditions. And I do mean horrible conditions. It is not just the heat or the bugs, but facilities are not available or to take time to use them costs the workers as the bosses don’t want them to stop working. I understand the farmers need to make a profit, but in reality they are treating the laborers as almost slave workers. Hugs


      1. I get it. I KNOW it’s one of the hardest jobs for anyone to do. But as TexasBoy asked: Surely there must’ve been a LOT of white Republicans looking for field and construction work, right?

        IOW, based on the Republican POV, the U.S. doesn’t need these “nasty” brown immigrants to come into the U.S. because we have plenty of (white) workers who will do the back-breaking, sun-scorching, field work. Right?

        Of course, the whole scenario is much bigger than that, but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s primarily the “brown” immigrants that do this kind of labor.

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