Ben Shapiro HORRIFIED by Nonbinary Childrens Cartoon Character (Transformer uses THEY/THEM Pronouns)

These people can deny it all they want but kids know both gender and sexuality at a very young age.   Kids understand gender from the time they learn of boy or girl, Mr or Mrs / Miss.   Gender is not a strange thing in human society, it is ingrained in everything we humans do.   Simply think how kids are taught which bathroom to use in public, little kids don’t care until they are forced by adults to use the “proper gendered” bathroom, which forces them to identify their own gender.    As for sexuality, kids also understand who they are attracted to long before they are given words to understand it.   The idea that kids are somehow clueless to their attraction as they grow is not what medical science or personal experience of people asked shows.  Ask yourself when you knew you were attracted to … and you will say well forever.  When did you know you were a boy / girl, well I just knew.  Well so do trans kids.  Also gay / lesbian kids know who they get tingles and attractions to.    Plus the idea that kids are not sensual in knowing what feels good with their own bodies is just stupid.  How often do you hear of little kids being told they shouldn’t touch themselves in public, because even as little kids it feels good and they don’t know to not do what feels good in front of other people.    The problem is some people want to keep society in the 1950s strict gender roles when society and the public has moved beyond that.  We have evolved, and that terrifies those that have invested interests in keeping the country in the past.  Why because in the past they were in charge, their ideas were taken for granted as being the only correct ideas, their god was not really questioned in society.   Think of the history of child abuse in churches, in the time frame these people want you / the country to return to the church leaders doing the abusing were not questioned and kids not believed.   Because of the automatic authority of the church.   That is what these people want to force us all to return too.  

Then we get to the second part of the video.   The videos of the Texas Guard putting up razor wire in front of people seeking asylum and trying to enter the country.   My gods if you think that this huge country couldn’t find a more humane way to handle people fleeing death and destruction to work for a better life I have to ask what is wrong with you.   We have states in this country that are so underpopulated they can not afford to provide for themselves without federal wealth sharing.   This country is huge and needs more people willing to be in it supporting all the infrastructure.    That is a known fact.   Ask what would happen if you let these people come in and establish lives working and paying taxes while being part of the communities they live in?    The only reason this push to keep people out at the southern border is completely racism.   The white ones convinced that the brown ones are going to take over if they are let in the country, that somehow the white ones will lose all the assumed authority and power they once had.  Well guess what, it has already happened and will keep happening.  If you are one of those people, the tipping point was reached long ago, and yes the white majority rule is pretty much over and will be soon.   The thing is that is not such a scare thing as these white supremacist want to make it.  The only difference is whites that don’t want other races will have to accept them, everyone will be equal.   That is all, everyone regardless of race will be equal.   Everyone’s traditions and celebrations will be give equal time.  See the world won’t stop, the destruction won’t happen, just equality and expanded awareness for everyone.   Now to the video.    Hugs


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