NC Republicans Seek To Criminalize Public Drag Shows

The Fayetteville Observer reports:

House Bill 673, “Clarify Regulations on Adult Entertainment,” would prohibit “adult live entertainment” on private property in the presence of anyone under age 18 and not allow it at all on public property.

“Adult live entertainment” is defined as “a performance featuring topless dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, or male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest.” The first offense would be a misdemeanor and subsequent offenses would be felonies.

“Well, I think it’s about age-appropriate entertainment for kids. I mean, there’s a reason why we don’t have adult entertainment in the schools,” bill sponsor Rep. Jeff Zenger told television station CBS-17.

Read the full article. Republicans have a new supermajority in the North Carolina legislature due to the recent defection of a formerly Democratic state rep.


Really focusing on the issues that will improve the lives of your constituents, aren’t you?

There are 28 Hooters in NC.

well i hope no children have been exposed to that!

I’m afraid they have.


Not criminalized:


“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with good ole red-blooded ‘Murcan boys gittin’ them a sight of some nice titties,” said Billy Bob to his sister, who is also his wife.

“Mommy, what are these big round things ?” .

So, much effort is being expended by the GOP to ‘protect’ kids from drag queens.


And the leading cause of death of children? Guns. No kids killed by a drag queen.

Note how the GOP wholly ignores, and even enables, actual harm and death to kids while instead focusing on an imaginary problem.


Are we to understand that reading stories to kids “appeals to a prurient interest”?

Family entertainment! Bring your kiddies!


Is that from Mel Gibson’s violence porn freak show movie?


Yup. Passion of the Christ. Churches encouraged parents to bring their children.


I was dragged to that sick S&M movie and was appalled at the number of kids dragged into that traumatizing movie by their parents.


While banning Harry Potter.


2 thoughts on “NC Republicans Seek To Criminalize Public Drag Shows

  1. Loved reading this
    Great article! It’s concerning to see lawmakers focusing on criminalizing harmless entertainment rather than addressing actual issues such as gun violence affecting children. With that said, I’m curious about the potential impact of this bill on the LGBTQ+ community and their ability to express themselves through drag performances. How do you think this bill would affect the LGBTQ+ community in North Carolina?

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