Man Protests Gun Law By Menacing School Bus Stop

How is this not terrorism?   Causing fear for political gain is the definition of terrorism.   How can an adult think it is OK or good to scare kids, who are living with active shooter drills and having to go to schools in near prison environments.   All so some ammo sexual’s can please themselves with no restraints with weapons of war.   These types of guns are designed to kill and main.   They are not hunting weapons unless the targeted animal is humans.   Yes the man has a right to have the gun, he even in some states has a right to strut around with it as it seems to make him feel manly.  But don’t the other people have a right to not be scared to death of him and his gun?  Why do gun owners seem to think only their feelings matter?   It is just like fundamentalist Christians in that regard.   Only what they want is what they demand everyone follow and do.   Hugs


Baltimore’s NBC affiliate reports:

Parents are concerned about a man who is regularly spotted carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle at a school bus stop in Severn. Jamie Sparrow, a Severn Elementary School parent, recorded a cell phone video Wednesday showing the man with an AR-15 in his hands at the bus stop where his 6-year-old daughter gets off.

Parents said the man, J’den McAdory, has been there for drop-offs for weeks. McAdory said what he’s doing is not about scaring parents or children — it’s about protesting the recent gun control measures Gov. Wes Moore signed into law.

“Guns can be safe if it’s controlled by the right person,” McAdory said. “I really wasn’t coming out here for the kids. I was coming out here to show people that this is legal.” As McAdory spoke with the I-Team, drivers stopped to react. Some cheered, while others shouted complaints.

Read the full article. As you can see below, on some days the man wears his MAGA hat.



McAdory said what he’s doing is not about scaring parents or children —
it’s about protesting the recent gun control measures Gov. Wes Moore
signed into law.

Does Governor Moore take the school bus to work? Why don’t you protest on the steps of your capitol?


What he is demonstrating here is that gunnuts are bullies. Brandishing a weapon of war at a school bus stop when these kids have active shooter drills at schools is terrorism. Stop the fucking madness! No private citizen should have a fucking assault rifle.

“Guns can be safe if it’s controlled by the right person,”

And he is not the right person, he is a MAGA terrorist.

‘The right person’ means him and the people he personally knows. If someone he doesn’t know approaches him while carrying an AR-15… especially if that person is someone of color or who dresses ‘weird’ (as he sees it)… this guy will quickly use his own gun to ‘stand his ground’ and stop what he considers to be a reasonable threat to his safety.

The story of Garrett Foster and Daniel Perry is a good example of this.

Where, oh where, is this “good guy with a gun” I keep hearing about?

If he were in front of my house I would be calling the cops every 10 minutes saying he is threating the neighborhood.

These sick gun idolaters care more about guns than children! Enough!


Gosh, couldn’t mom shoot him dead, since she (and her daughter) feel threatened?

Protesting gun safety laws by demonstrating exactly WHY we need gun safety laws? You’re not sane enough to carry a gun, and you should never be allowed anywhere near kids.

He sounds as if he hasn’t mentally matured past puberty. I’m not sure if I’d want him near my kids for other reasons.

Had he been open carrying a dildo at bus stop, he’d have been arrested.

…Or dressed in drag…


I lived about 80% of my life in the US. For most of it, there was slow but positive progress. Civil rights both racial and sexual, environmental protections, expanded social services. Then, it all came to a screeching halt and began regressing. It’s too almost too depressing to think about.

General principle: If you think you’re the “right person,” you probably aren’t.

The kids now are put through “active shooter drills” in which neither they nor their teachers are told it’s only a drill. They have no way of knowing if they are about to die or if this is just a rehearsal for what to do if that happens. There is no equivalent for my generation. We had fire drills and tornado drills but we knew they were drills. Imagine the trauma of hiding in your classroom thinking you are about to die. Okay so it wasn’t an actual danger, but the trauma would still be just as real as if it were. Now imagine knowing that is going on, waving a firearm around young children. Dude is a danger to the community.


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