White Christian nationalism emerges from shadows of GOP politics

Great Zeus, this is scary, the push by Christian nationalist to indoctrinate every public school kid with their religion.  They don’t care if the kids have a different religious faith or no faith at all, it is entirely about expanding their faith on to everyone in the public square.   They feel driven to push their god and their doctrines, regardless of anything else.    A good point asked by this Texas lawmaker was why a rainbow flag is called indoctrination by these Christians pushing their religion, yet demanding the posting of the ten commandments in schools and installing Christian pastors as untrained councilors is not.  Well worth the time to watch.   Hugs

Texas State Rep. James Talarico and Michelle Goldberg, columnist for the New York Times, talk with Alex Wagner about a push by Texas Republicans to impose new religious measures on public schools, and the shift in Republican politics to more openly embrace white Christian nationalism.

2 thoughts on “White Christian nationalism emerges from shadows of GOP politics

    1. Hello TAURUSINGEMINI. The religious groups have used homeschooling and religious indoctrination to destroy that concept. They have used the writings of the fake historian David Barton who has created a fictitious account of the history of the US as founded as a Christian nation for Christians to honor god, and pushed the false idea that the founders were highly religious people who wanted the Christian (and only the Christian god) god in all our lives including the public spaces. Hugs

      David Barton is an evangelical author and political activist for Christian nationalist causes. He is the founder of WallBuilders, LLC, a Texas-based organization that promotes pseudohistory about the religious basis of the United States.



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