It was never about the children.

I have been writing that this is about enforcing a 1950s society by demanding gender roles stereotypes of that time, removing civil rights for minorities, removing visibility of minorities, and removing anything but heterosexuality in public or media.  It started with trans, as they are the smallest part of the LGBTQ+ and the most easily attacked.  The right used the idea of protecting the children, which is what the religious hate groups have been pushing forever, that changing social norms are somehow dangerous and bad for children.  That is false, and an old trope used forever against people these hate groups have targeted.   This is about removing any LGBTQ+ from public and society.   This is about enforcing a return to a conservative religious lifestyle, removing all progress of society to regress to a time when misunderstandings and misinformation was king, to a time when Christianity was equated with automatic good, Christianity was the only religion represented in public, White men were in charge, women were second to men who were in charge in public along with in the home, and only straight white couples were in the media of the time with blacks as servants and any representation of gays were as villains.   This is the goal that people like DeathSantis and his supporters such as Lib’s of Tic Tok or the Mom’s of Liberty are pushing, which they have shown they are willing to force this ideological indoctrination in all schools both public and private.  They are willing to force their views on all of the public, even though the majority doesn’t agree with them.   Because they are the Christian Taliban.   Hugs

7 thoughts on “It was never about the children.

  1. Apparently many in Florida DO agree with him or they wouldn’t have elected him as Governor. I do think, however, that he may be in for an awakening if he pushes this stuff as a presidential candidate.

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    1. Hello Nan. You often tell me you are not a big follower of politics, and your idea that the people in Florida agree with DeathSantis attacking the LGBTQ+ is a sign of this. DeathSantis first run was a bare win.

      With a margin of 0.4%, this election was the closest race of the 2018 gubernatorial election cycle. Gillum became the first Democrat to win Duval County since 1986 and Seminole County since 1990, while DeSantis became the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to win Jefferson County since 1884.

      The thing that put DeathSantis over was trumps support, his pushing for DeathSantis.

      Yes the culture wars and the forced remake of Florida into a Christian right wing paradise has attracted a lot of deeply right wing crazies, fundamentalist religious people, and of course white supremacists. But what really caused the big win for DeathSantis this last election was the failures of the Democratic Party here in Florida. It is a highly corporate arrogant leadership in the party. It has the feeling of we know better that the public and the people will vote as we tell them. They ran three times loser one term former republican Christ for gods sake. They put the power and effort of the party behind him in the primary and never really pushed him left in the general. Talk to the democrats in the state, talk to the groups in the cities that are blue. They are not Pelosi democrats. They are Katie Porter democrats. The democrats that had the energy were backing the fire brand, Nikki Fried. She was exciting and energizing, Christ put people to sleep. But he was deeply corporate and republican lite. She was old school democrat. But just as this fight is playing out in our federal congress and in other red states, running republican lite never works. Republicans won’t vote for republican lite as they want the real thing, real democrats won’t vote for republican lite as they don’t want corporate policies, and so they stay home. The party leaders here are focused only on the very small middle swing voters. That use to be a winning strategy. But has not worked in 12 years because there is no middle anymore. So the Democratic Party leaders alienate their own voter base to appeal to the shrinking middle, and the republicans win. Every time. But the public of Florida up until a year ago was firmly against DeathSantis push against the LGBTQ+ in schools. They did like his anti-mask and keep everything open idea, even though it caused record deaths here in Florida. The republicans liked his aggressive arrogant style of dealing with those who disagreed with him. But when he started messing with what could be taught, the average voter disagreed. Now with the influx of maga hot heads I am not sure how it would poll. Hugs


      1. Sheesh, Scottie! You gave me FAR more information that I wanted or needed about Florida! 🥴

        Oh and BTW, I did NOT say ANYTHING about the people in Florida agreeing with DeathSantis attacking the LGBTQ+. In your initial writeup, you mentioned several other issues as well, including the role of women, gay couples, black people, and the push of Christianity in today’s society.

        My comment was related to how the people in Florida apparently liked his viewpoint on all these issues or he wouldn’t have been elected. And yes, I’m sure the help he got from Trump helped push him over the top.

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        1. Hello Nan. You know I am all about the information, the data. I can not help it, I have never found a way to get all the information I feel is important into a few words of short sentences.

          You wrote Apparently many in Florida DO agree with him but you did not specify what you thought they agreed with him on. But as far as the polling shows all the social issues including the forcing religion in schools, changing text books to whitewash history, and same sex teachers not being able to display photos of their families like straight teachers, people polled felt he and other republicans had gone too far. The polling shows that the majority did not like that, even though he won the religious crowd completely. He got the crowd behind him he wanted, the maga Christian base. Sadly the migration of maga thugs to Florida has changed the makeup of the state. For the first time there are more registered republicans than democrats in the state. Maybe the state is lost for generations, but it would help greatly if the state was not so gerrymandered to make it nearly impossible for democrats to win in districts.

          The real question I keep asking is he just pandering to the base, or is he really a true Christian believer in the things he pushes? Is he a white nationalist / supremacist religious zealot? I wish I could determine that because it makes a difference on how to counter him. Hugs

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          1. Re: your “real question” — I would say more the former than the latter. From what I’ve read about him (mostly through your posts), I would say HE is not particularly religious, but I do think his actions are influenced by his ultra-religious followers … which, in this case, also includes the influence of Christian nationalism. In any case, its obvious is he wants to be a “supreme ruler” of his state — AND the country since he’ll probably run for president.


  2. Oooh! I agree! And, let’s force people to go similar committee’s for Heart Care. And, definitely they should go for Mental Health Care (those people are crazy. You can’t trust their assessment of if they need care or not). Oh, and there must be a projected “after” image created so another similar committee can determine if a candidate for a butt lift looks better before or do they really need that care. Oh, and we can’t forget those Cancer people. They are so desperate they will jump at any chance. The Committees gotta slow those people down a bit and consider all the options.
    Oh, and let’s get a committee on that whole “Emergency Care” thing. These people exaggerate, you know, and we need to be sure they are really having a medical emergency and get signed off by our committee.
    Of course, we are really missing the real problems: people receiving health care without the ability to immediately cover the bill. We need a committee to ensure that all patients can pay before receiving any care. And, of course, statistically, Hispanic and Black people are less wealthy and therefore less likely to be able to pay for their health care, so we will need to be sure black people and hispanic people can afford the health care before receiving said health care. And, then we really need to have a committee double check that the people seeking health care are of the right moral and religious standing…

    You know, that is the great thing about committees; they are from the government and they are here to help.

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  3. Hello Randy. Yes you point out well how stupid it is and how it ignores the real issues people are facing. It is simply a way to deny even adults the right to control their own bodies. BTW, I got tired of republicans calling puberty blockers mutilation of the child’s body so I looked up a few facts. Hugs

    Nearly 320,000 breast augmentations were performed in 2011, with adolescents under 18 years of age accounting for 4,830 procedures (1.5%). Breast development typically starts at 11 years (range, 8–13 years) and is complete at 15 years (range, 11–18 years).

    According to ASPS statistics, 30,246 rhinoplasty procedures were performed on patients age 13-19 in 2015. The procedure accounted for nearly 50 percent of all cosmetic surgical procedures performed on this age group.

    But then I looked up this statistic.

    The figures show there were 1,390 puberty blocker prescriptions for children aged six to 17 years old in 2021. This was more than double the 633 claims that were recorded in 2017, five years earlier. Puberty blockers delay the onset of secondary sexual characteristics, such as facial hair and a deeper voice in boys. Dec 19, 2022

    Are puberty blockers OK for kids?
    Puberty blockers are considered to be very safe overall. We are not sure if puberty blockers have negative side effects on bone development and height. Research so far shows that the effects are minimal.

    Puberty Blockers for Youth – Provincial Health Services Authority,that%20the%20effects%20are%20minimal.


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