Texas Lawmakers Approve Bill To Place Chaplains In Public Schools, Sponsor Refused To Ban Proselytizing

Great dogs that love gravy.   This is purely pushing their Christian religion and they admit it by refusing to prohibit proselytizing to vulnerable kids.  Think if you were a parent of a different faith or no faith?  Ask why it is only Christian chaplains allowed in the bill?   Why do the religious leaders need no qualifications, but everyone else does?  This is simply the end run of the Christian nationalist to make every school a Christian school, forcing their faith on every child possible with the backing of the force of law.   You know that Christians wouldn’t tolerate it if a different faith was allowed to do this.  You know this is because they can not stand secular proven fact driven studies in schools, which they have been trying to overthrow since evolution began to be taught.     This is outright religious indoctrination and attempting to force themselves on to every family that has a child in PUBLIC schools.   Again this is not about religious schools, but public schools where kids of families of different faiths and no faith go.   As I am preparing this post I am listening to a video of a trans girl who went to school all her Jr / Sr high school years as a girl accepted by all the students.   She was prevented from going to her graduation unless she dressed like a boy.   She refused, and a trump appointed judge backed up the school.   So this girl missed her graduation and another cis girl was told to change out of pants and wear a dress or she couldn’t walk on stage during graduation to get her diploma.   Think on that people, the second girl couldn’t wear pants.    1950s stereotypes here we come.    Hugs.


The Texas Tribune reports:

Speaking to state lawmakers last month, Rocky Malloy argued that putting unlicensed religious chaplains in schools could prevent youth violence, teen suicide and teacher burnout. And he rejected concerns that school chaplains might use their access to recruit kids to Christ.

Chaplains “are not working to convert people to religion,” Malloy, the head of the National School Chaplain Association, told the Senate Committee on Education. “Chaplains have no other agenda other than to be present in relationships, care for individuals and to make sure everybody on campus is seen and heard.”

What Malloy didn’t mention was that, for decades, he has led another group that promotes school chaplains as a tool for evangelism. Malloy is the founder of Mission Generation, which had been open about its desire to proselytize in schools.

Religion News Service reports:

The Texas Legislature has passed a bill that would allow schools to employ chaplains in addition to school counselors, with Republicans overriding objections by Democrats to send the proposal to the governor’s desk.

The bill will permit school districts to hire chaplains who, unlike school counselors, are not required to be certified by the State Board for Educator Certification. A version of the bill already sailed through the state Senate last month.

“I worry that this bill will lead to Christian nationalists infiltrating our public schools and indoctrinating our students,” Democratic Rep. James Talarico, a Presbyterian seminarian, told Religion News Service. The chief sponsor of the bill in the House, Rep. Cole Hefner, refused to amend the bill to bar proselytizing,

Paging The Satanic Temple . . .

“And he rejected concerns that school chaplains might use their access to recruit kids to Christ.”

Oh my fucking sides.
It’s a recruitment opportunity.

I’d be more worried about sexual abuse than indoctrination, but that’s just me.


How about both?

It’s what they’ve wanted since the 70s.

That’s literally what they do. If they cared about “mental health and burnout,” they’d hire actual professionals with actual accreditation.

Exactly. No one is born Christian so Christians need to recruit new members otherwise Christianity would die off.

They are the original groomers.

Recruiting children to their brand of snake oil — grooming, if you will — is the whole bleeding point of this law. Republicans would not be pushing it if they could not use it to indoctrinate kids.

“…chaplains who, unlike school counselors, are not required to be certified by the State Board for Educator Certification”

I’m guessing these “chaplains” also get to sneak into the schools without a criminal records check? And given this is happening in a neo-confederate red state, I’m guessing that, if not now then certainly later on, they will be empowered to take disciplinary action against LGBT+ kids without regard for the school’s regular processes?

More likely reporting them to parents, and if the parents are supportive, expect a law that removes the kids from the home.

They don’t give AF about keeping kids safe. The ONLY reason they want chaplains in schools is so they can be groomed and indoctrinated into their KKKristian cult.

Trying to gut the wall between church and state.


4 thoughts on “Texas Lawmakers Approve Bill To Place Chaplains In Public Schools, Sponsor Refused To Ban Proselytizing

    1. Hello Nan. I understand. The thing that stuck out to me was your recent comment about your wearing pants, and a cis girl was not allowed to wear pants even though the boys were. Reinforces the point of where these people intend to go to with their gender clothing rules. 1950s standards or earlier. US moral police Christian Taliban. Hugs


  1. Scottie,

    So much for separation of church and state. As an aside, we used to get our church volunteers to sign a form saying they would not witness to the homeless families they were helping. It turns out that was unneeded as many of the homeless families were more pious than the volunteers. The church members were in awe of homeless families’ faith, as that was truly the one thing they had left. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I have found that how people treat others doesn’t normally depend on their religious faith, but has more to do with the kind of person they are. Studies have shown that people including children, that have less often are more generous with what they do have as they have empathy with others that also have little. They know how it feels. Hugs

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