Gaetz Brags GOP Is Holding Dems “Hostage” Over Debt

The republicans don’t care about the economy, they want political power.  To get it, they need to crash the economy or wipe out every thing Biden got done while getting concessions on the border and fewer regulations / more leases for drilling.   This is a power play for 2024 elections.  It has nothing to do with the debt limit other than causing hurt to the public that they can blame on Biden.   They are already just making up things like how Biden is working for China.  And stupid people believe their bullshit.   Hugs

Semafor reports:

Republicans have often bristled at accusations that they are resorting to hostage tactics by refusing to raise the federal debt ceiling without securing spending cuts.

But on Tuesday, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz leaned into the charge as he explained to reporters that he and his fellow hardline conservatives would likely reject any sort of compromise deal that watered down the party-line bill Republicans passed through the house.

“I think my conservative colleagues for the most part support Limit, Save, Grow, and they don’t feel like we should negotiate with our hostage,” Gaetz told Semafor.

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This is a political point, on their half, to damage Biden’s re-election attempts and nothing else.

Can the media stop pretending “bothsides” now? The republicans are not just having a difference of opinion on doing their job.

Republicans have been trying to “starve the beast” for years. I don’t get how they think that helps the country but it might make the wealthy wealthier for the short term. Beyond that, the infrastructure will crumble and all supportive services will fail. And THEY WILL CELEBRATE THE COMING DYSTOPIA. This is what terrorism is about and why they are holding the country hostage – to ultimately destroy the government.

They’re holding the world economy hostage. And if Biden caves they’ll do it again every fucking year

To which the NYT reports, why isn’t Biden negotiating in good faith./s

As it was with Clinton. And with Obama. McConnell admitted as much WRT to Obama

I honestly think this will backfire on the GQP. If McCarthy brings it to the House floor and can’t get enough of his “majority” to vote for it, any fault will have to be his.

Every government shutdown or other hostage-holding the USA that they’ve done in the past has backfired on them, every time.

The problem is that every time, Fox News then works incessantly afterwards on erasing their viewers fruit-fly-sized memory cells, and two years later they’re right back to spouting the same total bullshit that Tucker/Sean/Laura/Jesse/Maria spoonfeed them.

I figure he’s been set up as the fall guy by the ‘freedom’ wing. They’ll push for unreasonable things, negotiations will fail or result in a bill they’ll torpedo. Then they’ll use the “one vote to remove the speaker” option they set up at the start of all this and send him back. Then we’ll have more weeks of chaos as they all (including McCarthy) grift the cult even more. Most of them are in areas where they have safe seats, so it won’t matter either way – whoever has the R next to their name gets the vote.

So ultimately they don’t care about the harm this may cause. Working from that point of view, the rest of this follows.

The Republican Party is holding democracy hostage. They’ve been doing so for years now.

And they’re ready and prepared to kill it.

And yet the very smart people are still both sidesing this and covering it like a back and forth sporting event.

It isn’t only our heritage at stake in this discussion. It’s our history. We’ve already spent that money, Doofus, with the approval of congress. Now you want to turn us into a deadbeat nation.

This “game” has been played all too often. In the past the GOP has paid the price, and I’d like to think they know this. So I have to wonder, are they really this stupid (evidence points to this), or do they have something new planned?

Hmmm. I guess negotiate and compromise are no longer.

So I certainly hope the Dems are researching exactly how and where to take the Rethugs by the short hairs. And pull ’em out by the handfull.



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