Schmuck Amuck



It’s weird how Republicans claim they love the United States Constitution, refer to themselves as “constitutionalists,” yet hate press freedom and do everything in their power to destroy it. The Supreme Court has affirmed the right to a free press time and time again, yet Republicans like Donald Trump have argued to limit press freedom, if not outright destroy it.

Donald Trump once said “It’s frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever they want to write. People should look into it.” Trump believes a free press is disgusting. The man who told more than 25,000 lies as president has often referred to legitimate news outlets as “fake news” and has called journalists the “enemies of the American people.” Fascists hate a free press and they’re the ones “looking into it.”

If you want to know what press coverage is like in a nation that doesn’t have a free…

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2 thoughts on “Schmuck Amuck

  1. The pig bitch is welcome to sue me: having painted targets on congresspeople, she is responsible for the six deaths, one a child, and seventeen injuries that resulted when an attempt was made to assassinate one of those congresspeople. She is responsible for the death of a child. Sue me, bitch …


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