THE HILL: Judge rules Trump, children must comply with NY AG’s subpoena for testimony

Judge rules Trump, children must comply with NY AG’s subpoena for testimony
Former President Trump and his two eldest children must comply with the New York attorney general’s subpoenas for their testimony in an investigation into the family’s business practices, a New York state judge ruled on T

Read in The Hill:

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5 thoughts on “THE HILL: Judge rules Trump, children must comply with NY AG’s subpoena for testimony

    1. Hello Ten Bears. I have been seeing reports taht the tRump’s are in a scramble in as much as they are furious at other because they got caught. However there is a real security risk here. It is customary for former presidents to keep their clearance and to get routine intel briefings if they want them. However if tRumps cannot get the shady funding they has gotten in the past then they will need to go to more nefarious sources for money. Those sources could pressure tRump for secure intel. A scary situation.


      1. That orange bastard is probably looking to sell whatever intell he has to the highest bidder as we speak.If he hasn’t already.

        He doesn’t care what burns down in his wake.

        Also buckle up for a hearing of immense taking the fifth’s. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Biggest taking of the fifth ever! Believe me…

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        1. The thing that always makes me wonder about ‘the fifth’ is the words about possible self-incrimination. If a person hasn’t done anything “wrong,” why would/should they be worried?

          Of course we all know the answer.

          In any case, to allow this amendment to be used in some cases almost seems like a crime in and of itself.

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          1. tRump has publicly said that only criminals take the 5th.

            Trump has had a lot to say about the Fifth Amendment in the past.

            “You see the mob takes the Fifth,” he said. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

            Another time, he said, “Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Horrible.”

            During a presidential debate, he said,

            When you have your staff taking the Fifth Amendment, taking the Fifth, so they’re not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the Fifth, I think it’s disgraceful.

            But his lawyer, Michael Cohen, just took the Fifth Amendment. Based on Trump’s logic, he must be guilty then, right?

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