Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Why is universal healthcare not a right in the US? It would save businesses money, cost less, cover everyone. Oh ya it would take the incredibly large profit out of it for healthcare systems and drug companies.


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“Black Social Comedy

Monty Comic Strip for February 19, 2022


Conservatives coordinate corporate fascism.


Fox news sprays farts gop

Hillary spided on tRump obcession



tRump doesn't take responciblity

Tim Campbell Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

Nick Anderson Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

texas handmaiden taliban

Don't want their kids to know

back to jim crow




Stories with no context are propaganda. White supremacy runs on propaganda.

#Opinion #Hypocrisy #Indigenous

comic image

The misinformation right wing media tries to keep their base riled up with anger and outrage to keep them engaged. They know if the base is angry they will be more active in the cause. But anger clouds judgement and the right wing media misleads to get the desired actions from the base. The result is cognitive dissidence on a massive scale. The base has to deny reality and create conspiracy fantasies to make the ideas work. Normal things are taken as if nefarious plots. A guy they call sleep Joe and claim has lost his mental abilities is also a mastermind taking away their nebulous freedom thing. The right uses the same arguments in support of their conspiracies that they refute on things they do not want others to have the freedom to do. Such as abortion. Against vaccines then it is their body their choice, but if it is a woman wanting an abortion it is her body but someone else’s choice mandated by law.

is it safe to come out

all family get togethers


Conservative gospel: think only of yourself while thinking the worst in others. Convert your shame into anger. Never atone.





Matthew 12:31-32
“Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.
And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be...

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Gun manufactures love the cries that crime is worse, that life is super dangerous, that someone anyone doesn’t matter who is coming to take your guns. It drives sales. Fear is what they use as advertisements. I have to wonder at people willing to lose their job to avoid getting a vaccine while fighting to keep kids from life saving masks, but wont allow any restrictions on guns to save the lives of school children. I just looked up the numbers.

… surveys show that gun ownership in America is actually highly concentrated. Only 22 to 31% of Americans adults say they personally own a gun.

Rates of personal and household gun ownership appear to have declined over the past decades – roughly two-thirds of Americans today say they live in a gun-free household. By contrast, in the late 1970s, the majority of Americans said they lived in a household with guns.

Most of America’s gun owners have relatively modest collections, with the majority of gun owners having an average of just three guns, and nearly half owning just one or two, according to a 2015 survey by Harvard and Northeastern researchers, which gave the most in-depth estimate of Americans’ current patterns of gun ownerships.

But America’s gun super-owners, have amassed huge collections. Just 3% of American adults own a collective 133m firearms – half of America’s total gun stock. These owners have collections that range from eight to 140 guns, the 2015 study found. Their average collection: 17 guns each.

Chris Britt Comic Strip for February 18, 2022

ViewsAsia Comic Strip for February 18, 2022

ViewsBusiness Comic Strip for February 18, 2022

Stuart Carlson Comic Strip for February 18, 2022

John Deering Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

Joel Pett Comic Strip for February 18, 2022

Seems as though the same christian Taliban that believes Transgender schoolgirls will somehow utilize their penile extremity to their advantage in sports, didn’t think the massive strength and abilities of the Williams sisters put an unfair advantage over other girls in Tennis.


Misleading right wing media cartoons / memes

This is the craziness that the right promotes about public health mandates.    Creating rules that keep the public safe is cause to kill some one.   WTF

Lisa Benson Comic Strip for February 18, 2022

Protesting is legal, and in a way patriotic… no matter what the subject, it is an expression of living in a free country.

Breaking the law while protesting… that’s another thing. You CAN make that choice, it is called “civil disobedience”. But these people (and Lisa) don’t seem to comprehend that you are still breaking the law, and that there will be consequences.

There are groups who have been protesting for decades (from environmentalists, to pro-life movements… all political stripes). And these experienced protesters understand that you need to work with the system. You have to play the game. You set up a blockade, and you wait to be arrested, testing how long you can hold out, hoping you can get some media attention, and cause some grief to your opponent. These “truckers” on the other hand are actually saying “your laws don’t apply to us”. That’s not protest, that’s anarchy.

The Truckers can protest on the side of the road, in the park almost anywhere they would like. the TRUCK is a tool that is regulated by the state and as such it has NO FREE SPEECH RIGHTS.

But it’s not about COVID, vaccination, or mandates. As part of an interview with Pat King, leader of the “Freedom Convoy”, he tells us exactly why they’re “protesting”:

“Now, what it is, is the part of the depopulation. And a lot of people don’t understand what that means.”

(Tell us, Pat. Tell us what it means)

“And what there is, see, is there’s an endgame. It’s called depopulation of the caucasian race. Or the Anglo-Saxon.”


“And, that’s what the goal is, is to depopulate the Anglo-Saxon race, because they are the ones with the strongest bloodlines.”


comic image

The Democrats face an uphill battle to get their message out. Also historically the party in power loses seats in the midterms. But the Republicans are facing their own serious voter issues with only the shrinking base fully committed to the current message out of the Republican party. For example tRump is very popular with the base but not popular with the average Republican and swing voter. The Jan 6th denials are very popular with the base, but despised by the main stream Republicans and swing voters. If the Republicans run on the emotion of blocking every thing the Democrats try to do to help the public while pushing tRump with his big lie and trying to sell the fantasy that Jan 6th was legitimate political discourse the Democrats will keep control of congress and may even gain seats.

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What would you have him do, start world war three? Nuke Moscow and end civilization as we know it. Putin wants to lie and and invade with little cost to himself. By Biden keeping it in the news, marshaling the NATO countries, by getting other countries to agree to crippling sanctions he is doing as much as he can to deter Putin. Plus the US has increased our arms sales to Ukraine and encouraged other countries to do so. Anything else is just counter effective and would prove Putin’s point that he needs to take other countries to keep his safe.


And now some for fun

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

comic image

comic image

Speed Bump Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

The Flying McCoys Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

Real Life Adventures Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

Pickles Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

Family Tree Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

The Buckets Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

Lola Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

Dogs of C-Kennel Comic Strip for February 19, 2022

The Middletons Comic Strip for February 19, 2022


There was a cartoon about cannibals in this space.   While I thought the punchline was funny it was pointed out to me that the way the individuals in the cartoon were drawn, it was very stereotypical and is a trope used by racist bigots.  I have decided because of that to remove the cartoon and explain that my intent was not to cause harm.   The punchline would have worked without the characters being drawn that way and it is a shame the cartoonist went in that direction.   I apologize for missing the offending part of the cartoon and I thank the person who pointed it out to me.  Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Why is universal healthcare not a right in the US? It would save businesses money, cost less, cover everyone. Oh ya it would take the incredibly large profit out of it for healthcare systems and drug companies.

  1. Hi Scottie;
    In re: the Native American referring to white people remarking on immigration…
    As you know, I have someone near and dear to me who is republican. I have absolutely no idea why. But, in conversation regarding immigration, I once brought up the idea of the indigenous people’s and their rights and how it seemed a bit hypocritical to suddenly get all anti-immigration. He said, “yep. don’t want it happening to us.”
    There is a certain logic to that statement which leaves me incapable of a response.

    One thing I did learn: That man is caring and decent, as you know. And even him… As a Democrat, as a Progressive, as someone who wants to see our country improve; you cannot rely on moral, logical, rational, or even religious arguments. The republican mantra is ‘I’ve got mine, tough luck on you’.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Randy. That would have been a great opportunity to explore why that man felt it would happen to him? See I have often wondered at those so terrified of change and of losing power. Normally those afraid of losing their authority and power are afraid because they worry others will mistreat them. Why would they think that if the people in power had not been mistreating those coming into power? When I talk with people online about diversity and they claim that the country is losing culture, I love to point out the culture of the US is such a hodgepodge of so many groups melted and changed to be almost unique now in the US. Remember Tucker Carlson claiming that Tacos were a US invention, a US food? Most people do not realize how much other cultures have folded into our daily lives.

      If white people are afraid that black people will be in positions of authority it is because they feel the black people will be a threat to them. Why? What would give the white people that idea? They base it on the way they would react if they were treated as black people are today. They know they would hate it and lash out, so they expect the black people in charge to do the same. That really misses the point of diversity and equality. I am not sure if it is just fear or a statement on that person’s character?

      So the question I would ask is do you think colored people are mistreated in the country today? Do you think that people of color should be in authority roles? If the people of color get into authority, how do you think they will act towards white people? Use Beau’s suggested way of bringing the conversation around to where the person is confronted by the inconsistency of what they are saying without you having to push it on them.

      The idea is getting them to the point a lot of us are already at. Diversity is not a threat. People of color in elected positions is not a threat, black police officers are not a threat. People of color are not inferior. I add that because I realize that was ingrained in a lot of people of a certain age. It doesn’t affect the younger people because we did not grow up with official segregation as practiced until the 1970s. And that maybe why those in their 80’s just make assumptions about people of color or how black people will behave. They had it drilled into them that blacks were inferior and lazy. Remember Reagan gave speeches about the black bucks who drive Cadillac’s while their women were on welfare. The idea that was spread was the men stayed home lazy and on drugs while they made their women work to support them. And the implied work was … of course prostitution. I used to get so pissed when the Reagan lovers would parrot his stuff in the barracks because a lot of our fellows were people of color. So that is what it is about Brother, the mindset of the middle of last century, that black were lazy and sexually active, that brown people were dangerous and sexually unrestrained, and that the white man was the only one holding the entire thing together. If the white man quit or got over run the country would go right to hell, no food, no money, no education, no … oh wait the white man already did all that didn’t they? Love ya brother. Keep fighting the good fight but go gentle. At this point winning could be losing.


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