Russia – Ukraine explained

2 thoughts on “Russia – Ukraine explained

  1. This is really worth viewing, Scottie. I wrote a brief post on the Ukraine crisis yesterday (actually appended some thoughts to a bit of attempted humor bc I felt compelled to cover the topic), and I added the link to Sen Murphy’s mini-history lesson in response to a comment—acknowledging you, of course.

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    1. Hello Annie. Thank you for the shout out. I am glad you found the video worth promoting. It makes me feel I did something useful when others can use the stuff I post. A lot of my time is spent finding things I want to share with people hoping to spread news or enjoyment. It is a delight when it is time well spent. I liked your post of inflation and reblogged it to share with any viewers that don’t yet follow you. Hope you don’t mind? The picture you found of the hearing was spot on.


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