Trump Turdlings



A New York state judge issued a ruling Thursday that Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Ivanka Trump must sit down and face questions from investigators over potential bank fraud, tax dodging, and shady real estate values. The judge wrote in his order that they must also turn over documents, those that haven’t been flushed yet, and the three turds must sit for depositions, probably in chairs, within the next 21 days. In case you’re a Republican, 21 days is three weeks.

The Trumps are also facing other investigations, criminal and civil, in Manhattan, Washington, D.C, and Atlanta. The Trumps don’t believe they should have to provide testimony, documents, or be held accountable for anything because they’re royalty and they smell better than us lowly commoners.

New York’s attorney general Letitia James has a civil investigation that’s been going on since 2020 and she claims to have “significant evidence of…

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6 thoughts on “Trump Turdlings

        1. Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Oh the joy. But he is a case study in the Republican cult base. Reality doesn’t touch them. It is scary. I got one person I correspond with in the comments of the right cartoons who admits he doesn’t really care about facts or look stuff up, he just comments on how he feels things are or should be. He is older and so feels his life has given him the expertise to make statements of fact about stuff he is wrong about. He will admit it. But the others are flat out rabid. I rarely correspond with them except to occasionally mock one of their far out right wing misinformation statements. They are insulting, arrogant, aggressive, demanding you do all the work while they do none, flat out defend as fact things that are not real or have been found wrong. They never admit when they are wrong, but instead they shift the goalposts, move the conversation, and they are good at bringing in something total not part of the conversation if they are losing. If you blood pressure is low and needs raising, I recommend you read some of the comments of the cartoons. Let me know if you need the links.

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