Guess Who Else Was There On January 6th?

Hello Jill. Thank you for sharing this. Recently I have been very worried about the depth of religious doctrine being pushed into the secular government. It seems that I was caught napping by the long game these people played. They are on a mission from their god so they will not compromise, they will give all it takes to accomplish the goal because it is for their god, they will disregard anything that doesn’t agree with them because it is against their god. The very concept of democracy is against the concept of God. Religion is top down government. In religion God is the top being, the king, the ruler. He makes the rules, and everyone must follow them with no complaint. He passes those rules / his wishes down to his chosen leaders over the people. They speak for the god, no one can argue with them or change what the leaders say because it is the will of God, which speaks only to them. So it is a dictatorship with henchmen over the masses. Quite different from democracy, which is from the bottom up, for the people by the people.
For anyone who has not been to Jills blog, I strongly recommend checking out her content. It is a diverse blog full of information and fun, and I enjoy the comments as well.

Filosofa's Word

Bill Press is one of my favourite author/commentator/journalists around today, and his most recent column is about one group of people who willfully attempted to overthrow our government just over a year ago.  Please note that Press is not talking about the majority of Christians in this nation who are decent people and use their religion for good, rather than evil, but rather about the minority who are using the term “Christianity” to justify their bigotry, their hatred of ‘other’, and their intention of turning this nation into something it was never meant to be.

January 6: Blame the Christians! 

It’s understandable, but regrettable: the media was so busy reporting on the possible invasion of Ukraine, it buried an astounding bit of news about the actual invasion of the U.S. Capitol on January 6.  

Watching the violence at the Capitol that day, you were probably as puzzled as I was…

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