USA TODAY: ‘You are seen’: A record 7.1% of US adults now identify as LGBTQ, new poll shows

‘You are seen’: A record 7.1% of US adults now identify as LGBTQ, new poll shows
The number of U.S. adults who identify as LGBTQ has rocketed to a record 7.1%, and young people are again steering the increase, a Gallup poll shows.

Read in USA TODAY:

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11 thoughts on “USA TODAY: ‘You are seen’: A record 7.1% of US adults now identify as LGBTQ, new poll shows

  1. To me, this is a VERY telling part of the story: young people are again steering the increase (my emphasis).

    I’ve expressed my views on this before so I’m not going to add anymore.

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    1. Hello Nan. I think you should feel free to not only express your ideas but to expand on them. Not all people agree on all things. But we do learn from each other. We all tend to read what others write and compare it to what we ourselves think or feel. We either incorporate it into our own ideas or we marshal our arguments in disagreement in our thoughts so we can better understand our own reasoning. For me as an example I never want to be in my own bubble with an echo chamber. I decry that in others I argue against. If I heard only what agrees with me how am I any better than a Fox viewer or other right wing media only viewer?

      If I understand you corretly your point is this is self reporting ( this is why I like people to fleash out what they are saying as I don’t have to put words in their fingers ) The truth is we have to filter any census on LGBTQ+ from the view that any person coming out or stating their position is placing themself in danger of attack and intimidation. You just declined to expand your own feelings and I suspect that was because you did not want to be a target of those who disagree with you?

      Yes young people are driving the acceptance of new ideas, but then they always do. I guess I really don’t know how to respond because I am only guessing what you are saying.

      In other news I am happy. James is here and we are ordering pizza’s and things are good. He and Ron are bring mosre of his stuff in, I wanted to help but James was like no way. He did not want me to hurt my self.

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      1. Young people are susceptible. (Most) Young people like to “follow the crowd.” Young people are easily influenced by other young people. It’s a time of life for experimentation and “trial runs.”

        I’ve expressed my thoughts on the LGBTQ community before, so that’s all I’m going to say.

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        1. Hello Nan. I agree. It is a time to try and learn about yourself in your early teens. By mid teens I think your sexuality is pretty set. I cannot use myself as a guide because my situation was drastically different. But from what I understand most kids know what they are attracted too even before puberty.

          But what I really think is happening is young people feel safe enough to come out and say who they are. To be themselves. Not all kids of course and there is a lot of push back right now from the right. But when I was growing up most of the gay kids did not let it known to anyone. In my high school there was one couple of “friends” who later came out as lovers but they were adamant in school they were not gay. Kids thought of as queer were hounded and hated on freely, teachers were openly hateful to the queers. Now kids had / have gay straight clubs, they have allies, they have friendly adults, they have adult role models. So the stigma of them being LGBTQ+ is / was much less. We have always know there were more LGBTQ+ people than we seen because they were blended into society. Now we are able to count them better because they are not hiding as much.

          What I worry about is this current push by the Republican politicians to stir up their base will cause many to hide again. The Republicans want to regressive the country back to the 1950s socially. They want to keep the current give all the money to the wealthy policies, but they want the social structure, the culture to return to the when white men ruled, females were the playing of men and understood that, blacks knew their place and the LGBTQ+ were not seen or heard and were scared to be found out. Religion was just assumed to be great and obeyed. At least on the surface.


        1. Hello Jeff. You are welcome any time. I doubt the pizza will be as good as I hear pizza is where you are. We had one place that made great pizza’s but they seem to have gone down hill. We don’t care for chain pizzas like Dominos, Papa Johns, Jets, and I have not tried Pizza hut in over a decade. I was a bit disappointed over the ones we got, but I added a bit more sauce and it was good enough. The time flew by and James had to leave before I realized it.

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          1. MAKE YOUR OWN!! That’s what we have started doing and they’re far, far better than ANY of the pizza joints. You can put on what YOU like. If you don’t agree on the ingredients … make TWO of them. (I’ll bet they’ll eventually get eaten.) Yum! 🍕

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            1. Hello Nan. Yes we make our own sometimes, and they are always eaten. The problem I have is the crusts. I can never get a crust I like as much as the pizza places. Now granted I have never tried to make my own, I have always bought premade crusts. Do you make your own? Do you store made ones? Thanks.


              1. We buy Boboli, thin crust, and have had good luck with them. Neither one of us is ambitious enough to make our own crusts!!

                One reason we like to make our own pizzas is because we can put the toppings on that WE want … and as MUCH of them as we want. The same goes for the sauce. The toppings the pizza parlors put on are wimpy by comparison.

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