Supreme Court To Decide Whether Some Businesses Can Refuse To Serve Gay Customers

Can they refuse to serve black people, Jewish people, Catholics, Atheists. Or is it just gays that are not full citizens in the US

7 thoughts on “Supreme Court To Decide Whether Some Businesses Can Refuse To Serve Gay Customers

    1. Hello Ali. Some people work harder to discriminate than they would if they just served everyone. How does it make one a better person to deny others? How is it more godly, more enlightened, to deny others. I remember being told that Jesus the most powerful and holy made himself a servant to those who were beneath his station and who were not following the religion of the day. He did not discriminate against the prostitutes and the beggars. He preached to lift up the lowest of the low.
      So how current day followers of that Jesus can claim a right he refused is something I do not understand.

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      1. Your words about Jesus are what I was taught, too, and what I do my best to try to live up to [sorry; bad phrasing] every day. We aren’t supposed to exclude other people, and we’re supposed to make sure we’re all OK. As the Friends say, “Love your neighbor. No exceptions.”
        I don’t understand how some professed Christians lost that, either.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. Some have said businesses that discriminate should be required to post signs saying that on the front of their businesses. They think that would cause them to lose money. I disagree. Those people would see it as a badge of honor and the haters would flock to spend money at these places. What infuriates me about these discriminate against gay laws if you change out the word gay for black, people won’t accept them. If you take out same sex couple and instead say these religions want the right to not serve a mixed race couple, people would be horrified. It shows it is about hate and wanting special privilege for religions.

      In the case of the adoption agency in PA that won the right to take taxpayer money and refuse to place children with qualifying same sex couples SCOTUS ruled that they must be given tax money and have their right to discriminate because it was their religion. Everyone thought it would end there, they won they gays are free game to deny. But no they then said they would not place kids with Jewish couples because that was not a valid religion. They now are claiming the right to place kids only with their sect of Christianity and to still get taxpayer money. I don’t understand how that is legal, but our SCOTUS is overwhelming Christian, and some feel their religion comes before even the constitution. Scary times.


      1. For a good number of years I had pinned to the top “Boycott Republican Businesses”, initially with the text “it’s easy, they’re the ones that are rude,” which I later struck out and added “don’t sell raw materials to them, or provide labor, boycott both ends”; which I struck out when concluding “smash out their storefronts, loot the shops, burn the buildings” before taking it down with the makeover.

        Funny how few catch the historical significance of that …

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