Lara Trump: Canada Is Turning Into North Korea

To my Canadian friends, are you feeling like North Korea?  Do you feel offended by this Fox opinion host making these claims to keep the cult Republican base riled up?  

“It is tyranny, what you see happening in Canada. And let me tell you something. When you think of a tyrannical government, you often think of places like North Korea. Sean, this is how it starts. They start chipping away, one by one at your freedoms until you don’t even realize they’re gone. It is a really dangerous game they’re playing up there in Canada.” – Lara Trump, also accusing Trudeau of deploying the police in a “Gestapo-like” manner.

4 thoughts on “Lara Trump: Canada Is Turning Into North Korea

    1. Hello Jeff. I love it. How can she imagine anyone would believe Canada is turning in to a dictatorship with starving people and no rights? But Canada has always scared conservatives. It is a country that has a high satisfaction rate from the people. It has a higher standard of living. It has medical coverage for all paid for by the government. It has a government working for the public. The US right is afraid the people in the US will see the huge disparity between what the US public has and what the Canadian public has. So they have to run down and hype how bad Canada is to fool the US public.

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    1. Well Nan. You could start with why the tRump’s seem to be the idiots all the time? I just got done with a right wing commenter demanding to know why the US did not put all the illegal immigrants in to prison and make them work off the debt they owed the US. I wrote out a reasoned reply about the needs of the country and how immigrants filled that. I have not gotten a response.

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