Just got home

I just got home from taking Ron to his eye test.   He is not going to need a new prescription and all his stuff seems well.   I did not fare so well.   Yesterday I sat in the chair and the doctor had me read what I could.  Then he covered my left eye and I read what I could.   Then he covered my right eye and I asked what happened to the room, did he hide the eye chart.   My left eye was horrible.   I had not noticed the degradation.   He said I was about 20 / 80.    My cataracts are a 2 and a 1 out of 4   I have no blood vessel issues, no diabetic retinopathy, and no signs of nerve damage.  But for some reason my left pupil is sluggish and there is no reason for it to be.    So when I go get my new glasses the doctor wants to check the eye again.   I like that office, but they are quite a distance from us.  As I had to get new lenses, I got new lighter frames.  My current frames are heavy.   I got titanium flex frames, progressive lenses, and a gradient tint. same things I have on my current glasses.  I like large lenses.   I had small ones for years and got to hate the gap above and below the lenses.    So this last pair I got big, and at First Ron did not like them, but now he does and he is getting bigger lenses himself.   He doesn’t need a new prescription, but his lenses are chipped so they need to be replaced.  My glasses were $645 and $119 of that was the frame.  I looked at a similar frame that was the same color and style but cost $225 dollars and I couldn’t see why they were worth so much more.  Anyway maybe when I get them I won’t need such large fonts anymore.   😀😂😃😎😎

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    1. Hello Nan. I asked the doctor that question. He replied he wanted me to wait until they were darker and more pronounced. He said if they started to really infringe on my vison it would be time or to wait until he thought it would be a good time to do it. So far he can correct my vison back to 20 / 25 with glasses. That is worse than last time when he got them 20 /20. I swear my body was built on a Monday after everyone got paid on Friday and spent the weekend on a bender in the bar. Nothing works right. 😢😜😒

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        1. Hello Nan. When you were in the church did you ever hear that god never makes mistakes and feel totally left out by that statement. I do. If there is a god he has been a real prick to me my entire life. From shoddy construction to bad product placement. And for what, to see how well I can suffer AKA Mother Terresa. Something new in the last year, I have to wear posey elbow pads on my arms to protect against skin sores from resting them on my desk or chair arms. Yup I developed pressure sores on my elbows. I want a word with gods construction teams I can tell you that much. My model came as is with no warranty. Well I need to start the roundup, I was too tired and could not see well enough last night. Thanks again for sending me that news article, I enjoyed it. I went to the paper and tried to find it on their site but it was behind a paywall so I couldn’t post it.

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        1. Ron is retired now. We both only have Medicare part A, B, and D. Medicare does cover cataract surgery thankfully. No Medicare doesn’t cover glass that I know. It seems every year to every couple of years my eyes have changed enough to need new lenses. They offer a deal where if you buy one set of frames and digitally made lenses you can get a free set of frames with analog lenses without any features on them. I have never used the spare pair and as I will have the current glasses as back up, I just cannot see getting the second pair even though they are free.


  1. Scottie, you spend a lot of time in front of the screen which is hard on the eyes. Do you have one of those monitor screen protectors…have no idea what they’re called but they supposedly block out harmful frequencies. I mean, dang, if you need elbow pads then you’re definitely putting in the computer hours! Gotta take of yourself man.

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    1. Hello Paul. Thank you. They suggested I go beyond the gradient and anti-glare I have to a blue tint, but I was worried that it would interfere with driving in low light. We are lucky in that if I need to change my glasses or such the doctor has told me they will work with me. This doctor is a smaller outfit that does so well he had his entire practice bought by a bigger company, but the deal included they wouldn’t change anything he did or remove his staff. I love them. For example, I bought a pair of glasses from him and a year later fell and broke them. Totally my fault. But I couldn’t afford new glasses. I brought in an old pair of frames into them and he had them put new lenses in and fix the old frames to fit better. I only paid half the price of the new lenses. I respect people like that.

      Yes I spend most of my time at the computer. I need to spend less time online and more relaxing. I need to watch less news and more fun programming. I need to play more video games than blogging. The thing is my mobility is limited and I have a limited way to interact with the world other than the computer that I over do that time. I love sharing the news and stuff that I think others may like. I promise I am taking care of myself. My husband is very protective of me and now our son is moving back home, and he is overprotective of me. Yes I like it, but it can sometimes be frustrating. So thank you, but please don’t worry, I have a great family and home life. Best wishes.

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  2. Scottie: The episode with your eyes sounds terribly anxiety provoking; I hope the lazy pupil gets back to work-and you can have your cataract surgery in due course. I was a precocious cataract patient; the surgery can make a huge difference. It was such a wonder for my severely myopic self to wake up in the morning and see the clock across the room.

    I’m glad you have loving people to remind you to take good care of yourself—both at home and virtually. You’re very generous with your blogging time, but I think we can manage with fewer posts while you rest your eyes, elbows, and self.

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    1. Thank you, Annie. I am glad your eye surgery worked out well. Lossing my vison is a scary thing, but as you say I have a good doctor keeping track of it. I would rather lose my hearing instead of my sight I have to lose something. I am lucky that I do have a good support system. I enjoy time with my family, and I do some things for fun, but I am limited in what I can do. The computers and my blog give a routine I can enjoy. Rather than just sit and watch TV. But I will pace myself no fear. I do enjoy my late morning / early afternoon naps.


  3. I had my cataracts removed a few years back and it was like having an whole new pair of eyes! I never knew our front door was purple, nor that the clock in the bathroom was bright green before! Needless to say, the clock is now gone … the front door is irreparable, as we rent and all the doors have to look just the same, of course! I have considered painting it yellow just to be ornery, but I don’t feel up to having to pack 24 years accumulation just now. 😉 I hope yours and Ron’s new glasses work out well and you’re both happy with them! A picture would be nice … hint, hint. I need new glasses too, as mine are chipped and I’m noticing I struggle lately to read the captioning on the t.v., which is essential since I cannot hear! Falling apart, I am! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I am glad everything went well for you with your cataract surgery. I know money is short for all of us these days but please find a way to get your glasses. I will get pictures and post them. I love to take new avatar pictures and it is time to do so again. My beard is big and full again, and with long hair l look like I should be in the lord of the ring’s trilogy. Picture will come after I get the new glasses.

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      1. I do love a bushy beard! I’ll be looking forward to the new pics after you get your glasses! And yes, I plan to get new glasses soon … it’s not the money as much as having to get out in public with Covid still raging, my own heart troubles, and the cold weather.

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