Prosecutors fight to keep Michigan school shooting suspect, 15, in adult jail

The 15-year-old accused in the deadly mass shooting at his suburban Detroit high school in November should be kept in adult jail as he awaits trial, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Collins said during a hearing about the teenager’s confinement that he’s demonstrated he can be calculating, has a desire to be remembered for his alleged crimes, and enjoys the notoriety the case has brought him, including email from women.


“How to do I get my fan mail, how do I get my hate mail”? he has said, according to Collins.

He has “a deeper and more calculated mind than any other 15-year-old,” she argued in court.

The teenager’s defense team formally asked the court that he be transferred from Oakland County jail to Children’s Village in Pontiac.

Collins said the teen already killed four classmates at Oxford High School on Nov. 30 and that teenagers at the juvenile facility would be put in danger that is “contrary to the rehabilitation of those at Children’s Village.”

“He enjoyed his dark side,” Collins said. “He’s fascinated with violence.”

The teenager’s defense team said he’s hardly been in direct contact with anyone, except his lawyers, since he’s been in jail, despite a possible need for psychiatric supervision.

“The jail is not equipped with handling juveniles,” attorney Paulette Loftin said during the hearing.

She said he was removed from “constant watch” in jail. His lawyers indicated in a court filing they plan to pursue an insanity defense.

Because the defendant had no prior criminal or disciplinary school record to speak of, Loftin said, he should be allowed to wait for trial in the children’s facility with defendants his age.

Loftin argued that because many of the people sending him email are women, such communication could be better supervised if he was held at Children’s Village.

“These are emails from strangers all around the world,” Loftin said. “At Children’s Village we are able to control that communication.”

Loftin did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday night.

Judge Kwame Rowe said he would make a decision in the upcoming days.

The suspect, Ethan Crumbley, has pleaded not guilty to two dozen charges, including murder. His parents are also being jailed on four counts each of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting. They have pleaded not guilty to the charges. 


3 thoughts on “Prosecutors fight to keep Michigan school shooting suspect, 15, in adult jail

    1. Hello Nan. Alarms went off in my head when the mom told the son after he got caught looking for ammo in school that he needed to learn not to get caught. Not don’t do that at school, just don’t get caught. Then more alarm bells when the parents took off on the run when they were not charged yet. The never seemed to care about the boy or even the dead kids but only about what they were feeling / going through. Now to hear that the kid only seems to want to his fan base emails, I have to think the damage done to him over the years is deep. I think he was abused. I really do. And I suspect that drugs and booze flowed well in that family. The kid did not have a chance. He never had decent grounding. In all the years no one noticed his needs, that he was veery different from other kids? No one any where notice the kid was not right seeming, that he needed help until the teacher seen that drawing. Thankfully she did and told the principle. But when the parents acted as they did, alarms should have gone off all over the place. We talk about needing mental health professionals on police calls that deal with mental health issues, why don’t we have mental health professionals in the schools. Each school needs at least one and some schools need a whole varsity team of them.

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