OK AG Moves To Ban “Obscene” Classics From Libraries

The Oklahoma Frontier reports:

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor is reviewing dozens of books found in public school libraries to determine whether they violate state obscenity law.

Books under review range from classics such as Of Mice and Men and Lord of the Flies to newer titles that cover LGBTQ and social justice issues. The Frontier obtained a list of 51 books under review from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office.

In a brief interview with The Frontier on Monday at a Republican Women’s Club South Tulsa United meeting, O’Connor said he decided to investigate after receiving complaints from parents and conservative groups including Reclaiming Oklahoma Parent Empowerment, and the Tulsa County chapter Moms for Liberty.

Read the full article.

In 2018, O’Connor was nominated by Trump to the federal bench but he did not get a hearing in the US Senate after the American Bar Association rated him “not qualified” on the grounds of “professional competence and integrity.” He was appointed Oklahoma Attorney General in July 2021 by GOP Gov. Kevin Stitt and immediately joined a suit to block Biden’s vaccine mandates.

3 thoughts on “OK AG Moves To Ban “Obscene” Classics From Libraries

    1. Hello Nan. It sure does. Nan, how does your other half feel about the book banning issue happening today? Can it shed some light on the situation so the rest of us understand the issue? For me I just got done arguing about something the person was trying to hide their reasoning on. They started out arguing with me that the police needed to be respected and obeyed and it turned out they were anti-immigrant and wanted the brown people stopped at any cost.

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