5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about what happened in Ukraine last night….

  1. Oh yeah .,. ole ‘hometown’ boy has all the answers.

    Sorry, Scottie. I probably should never have clicked on the link, but I was curious. (I only watched about a minute or so.)

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    1. Hello Nan. Well he may act like a hometown boy but he is trained and educated in the field he is addressing. So he has a better understanding than most reporters on it. His style is not for everyone but his facts are verifiable and his take on things normally plays out. Like this one.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes it is OK to disagree with each other. I have often said not every post of every video is meant for everyone. I offer a smorgasbord of what interests me for others to enjoy or ignore. I am glad people can find things they want to view and read at all. 😀🤩😍

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