Tony Perkins: Help Us Take “Don’t Say Gay” Nationwide

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

The Left’s worst nightmare is an informed parent. And in places like Florida and Missouri, legislators are doing everything they can to build an army of them.

For conservatives in the Sunshine State, it’s been a rocky road with the media and Democrats—who seem determined to misrepresent the legislation they’ve introduced.

Even President Joe Biden weighed in, calling it “hateful” to give parents a voice in their children’s education.

As usual, the proposal has nothing to do with LGBT discrimination. That’s a convenient talking point for a party who hasn’t found a way to combat parents’ newfound influence in education.

Dubbed the “don’t say gay” bill by the Left, Florida State Rep. Joe Harding’s (R) proposal is actually aimed at transparency (not that anyone would get that honest assessment from the radical media).

Florida Republicans want to give all parents the right—and means—to sue the school district if they aren’t getting the information they need.

If a mom or dad can’t afford to hire an attorney, the state board of education would hire a magistrate and pay for it.

FRC Action has been proud to be a part of that movement, encouraging parents through events like our School Board Boot Camp.

This weekend, we’re taking the training on the road to Lynchburg, Virginia for a special education summit with the Noah Webster Educational Foundation. The goal is to replicate that in more and more states.

Maybe you aren’t on the local school board. Maybe you don’t have kids in the public school. You can still use your voice: in the debate and in prayer for these state efforts and parents, fighting to bring light to a dark world.

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