Riding With Zelensky


Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky went from being an actor, the voice of the Ukraine version of Paddington Bear, and the winner of the first season of Ukraine’s Dancing with the Stars (that’s a thing?) to being the man inspiring his nation to fight.

A video clip of Zelensky standing in the middle of the streets of Kyiv with other government officials has helped make the Ukraine president an international war hero. In the clip, he says, “We are all here, defending our independence, our country. And it will stay that way. Glory to the men and women defending us. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes.”

While that video was made of Zelensky standing in the streets of a city being bombed, Vladimir Putin was sitting somewhere safe and posh with his greatest concern being for his own political safety. Putin doesn’t have to worry about his citizens dying, or…

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