Mean Girls


There’s something seriously wrong with people who think being vile and disgusting is cute and clever. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene appear to be in a race to be the most horrible creatures alive. Toxic Betty and Veronica are proof that being able to walk upright and have opposable thumbs doesn’t make you human.

The president deserves respect while delivering his (or her) State of the Union speech unless, of course, that president doesn’t respect the process himself. President Biden respects the presidency, the courts, Congress, and tradition. He deserves respect. But, there is room to express disagreement. If applause is allowed, then a certain amount of objection should be allowed as well. If the opposition party objects, it’s fair for them to grumble and boo…to a certain point.

There were boos from Republicans the other night that lasted about two seconds each and were delivered in unison. I…

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