Daily cartoon /meme roundup: The US needs to add dental and medication as part of our healthcare as a right, not a for profit way to suck all the money out of the population


Scottie’s world today

phones on the walls

I am pretty proud there is a round up today.  I love the roundup and I wake up early.  Today I got up at 4:30 AM and at 5 AM I started the roundup.  I got half way through the first 400 pages when I lost the entire thing.   The reason I lost the entire thing was my router.  We have been having issues, well really Ron was on his electronics for about a month.  I sort of dismissed it because I couldn’t replicate it when he told me.  But now the entire router cut out.  I got one side of the router back up and running.  After hours.    Took me a lot of resetting and initializing and trying to adjust thing.  Some parts of the router are still off line.   Once I got the computers / internet up I investigated new routers.  I was doing this as Ron kept telling me all the issues he has had with his electronic over the last few months that I apparently had not paid the needed husband in charge of the electronics should have done. 

I have found something I did not know. Routers are now only good for 3 to 5 years.   There is an entirely new standard since 2019.   Our router was about 10 years old.  Back then I needed a really strong router so I got one nearly $500.00 dollars. 

I did some quick research and found one far better than our current one for only $165.00 and I ordered it.  It will be here tomorrow some time.   So the problems of the day solved right?  Nope.  I had to go lay down, and Ron has not been feeling well all day and after lunch my body gave out so we both went to bed until about 2 PM.   I started working again and the toilet in the center of the house backed up.   Shit.  Well no luckily it was not, it was pee.  

Last summer the electric company replaced the pole behind out home.   They had a really grand machine on tracks that could dig the hole and hold / carry the pole and do all the work.  It was small enough to go between the homes.  But the sewer pipes run between the homes and apparently this thing crushed them.  So every now and again we have to dump boiling pots of hot water down the toilets to clear any slow drainage.   Yes the park knows and it is on their to do list.  We have a nice green flag out there to say so.  It doesn’t help the toilets to drain. 

Anyway after 8 big pots of water the toilets are working great again and I could get back to the roundup.    I won’t mention that  I did have to go get Ron, who was napping because he did not feel well, after the first four pots because my back gave out, I couldn’t hardly walk much less carry boiling water.   Ron was not happy I did not wake him before trying to carry boiling water.   Oh well I am a bad boy rebel.   And on to the cartoons / memes


Ron and I both have teeth issues.   I had such pain in my mouth when I was younger and seen dentists that I went over 30 years without getting any dental care.  In that time I developed a lot of problems.   Like my bones in my body my teeth were dying and decaying.  When I went to a dentist about five years ago they had a heck of a fight to save most of my teeth and I have a life long problem now with periodontal disease and even after the surgeon took the bad teeth and cleaned out the infections I still fight infections around my teeth.   We spent about 10 grand having my teeth fixed and crowns put over the breaking teeth.   Right now we are trying to budget nearly $500 dollars because I have an infection around one tooth that they have to go in and clean out and pack with antibiotic.   I had that same area done only a year and half ago.   The US has to have dental care for seniors and the disabled.  It is seriously important.  I am missing a tooth in the front because I ran out of insurance before I could have the needed dental surgery to implant it.  It will cost 5 grand.  This is something other countries consider rights for the people in their country, but the US is too worried about someone losing profit to worry that someone can not eat.  




Steve Breen Comic Strip for March 04, 2022


Just saying

Wow!!! I can’t believe you were getting 40 cents an hour. Where I was at we got 65 cents a day. And most Unions will bring ex cons into their apprenticeship programs.

Communities build prisons based on predicted birth rate of felons because they know the cycle of incarceration. This is truly evil.

Monty Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Joe Heller Comic Strip for March 03, 2022

comic image



Drew Sheneman Comic Strip for March 03, 2022


Tucker speaks fluent racist. Toots every dog whistle. Knows all the coded language.

I don’t remember Tucker asking about Barrett, Gorsuch, or Kavanaugh’s LSAT scores.


Right Wing: let the most ignorant, close-minded parents control curriculum so their toxic feelings don’t get hurt.



ViewsAsia Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

ViewsBusiness Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Rob Rogers Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

ViewsEurope Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Andy Marlette for Mar 03, 2022

Turns out that Russia is not as militarily powerful as they have portrayed themselves. Their nukes are the only thing giving the rest of the world pause from acting in force against Russia. It is clear now that Russia can not stand up to NATO. The Russian military sent to Ukraine is full of badly trained conscripts who are ill supplied. There is no fuel for the vehicles, no food for the troops, no command authority it seems. The Ukrainians were letting the Russian kids call home to their mothers because they said their families had no idea where they were. The myth of the great Russian military machine has been shattered.


This is a horrifying assessment of the #RussianInvasion of Ukraine.

Authoritarians try to negate a population, force disruption/displacement. Civilians are the obvious target. Children will suffer.

The idea of flattening empty cities is chilling.


Putin is a small, small insecure man.



John Deering Comic Strip for March 04, 2022


Mikhail Watford was from Ukraine. He feared he was on Putin hitlist.

Clay Bennett Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Steve Kelley Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Robert Ariail Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

sewing blood type into the clothing of kids

comic image


Republicans caved without a fight. They were willfully complicit with our biggest enemy.

Tom the Dancing Bug Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Michael Ramirez Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

We know why the right wing supports Putin.  He is a white supremacist who hates the LGBTQ+ like they do.  That is the most important thing to them.  What bothers them is that the Ukrainians are white also.   If the Russians were killing brown people the Republicans would be pushing to join them or give Putin arms just like they are the Saudis in Yemen. 

Political cartoon.

difference between refugee and a migrant

Jeff Stahler Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

good faith that the tRumps are crooks

Doonesbury Comic Strip for March 01, 2022

Doonesbury Comic Strip for March 02, 2022

Doonesbury Comic Strip for March 03, 2022

Doonesbury Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Prickly City Comic Strip for March 04, 2022


Joel Pett Comic Strip for March 03, 2022

comic image

Herman Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

For Better or For Worse Comic Strip for March 04, 2022


Misleading right wing media cartoon / memes

The right wing wants to support Putin but the know it is very unpopular in the country.  Even Carlson has backtracked from his I love Putin stance.   I think we all know Putin is not dancing over the invasion, it is going very badly for him. 

Incorrect.  This is ignoring the situation.   The ones in the US who claim they need their guns to fight their own government don’t understand the Ukrainians have the support of their government.  They have the support of their police.  They are facing a force that is coming from out side and is limited in their number.   Our police forces have the budges and weapons of the Ukrainian military.   Our military has weapons and training far in advance of the Russians.  It is now clear that the Russians are not even near peers or the US and they are a paper tiger with nukes.   If our groups of militia think they will stand up to the US government and fight the US military and police they would be slaughtered quickly.   Sorry but you are adding apples to oranges.   The Russia soldiers are conscripted kids who are hungry and scared and their vehicles have no fuel.  That is not the way it will be against the US military. 

comic image

The right wing is desperate to not give Biden credit for anything.   They are so tribal.   The facts are that on Biden’s watch the country increased in jobs more than ever before.  Yet Hannity tried to compare tRump’s best  before Covid with just one month during Covid for Biden.   One other right winger claimed Biden was wrong because the recording of job numbers was not started until 1939.   WTF.  So desperate.  Why not just admit Biden gets credit for more job creation while saying they don’t think he did enough?

Gary Varvel for Mar 04, 2022

After tRump’s limited vocabulary, frequently repeated words, and half finished sentence then starting a tangent with a new subject entirely the right has no leg to stand on criticizing anyone about how they talk. Even with a teleprompter tRump read like a second grader and spoke in a monotone. I would say this is a case where people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

When you think of the turn around from the last administrations handling of the Covid pandemic Biden has done great work for the country. 6.2 million jobs have come back, wages up, growth happening, record profits for the corporations and the wealthy. All in less than a year while fighting the misleading right wing media arm of the Republican party.

A.F. Branco for Mar 04, 2022

This is a catch 22 situation.  If Biden does add more sanctions on Russian oil, the prices of gas in the world may rise, it may violate the contracts already signed, the right wing media arm of the Republicans would go crazy attacking Biden.   However if he doesn’t sanction the Russian oil companies then he gets attacked by everyone.   The fact is the US increased the importation of Russian oil under tRump and it has already decreased greatly under Biden.   The situation has to do with the type of oil and where it can be refined.   Oil and what is done with it is now global, it is not limited to one country.  That said the Democrats have proposed a bill in congress to sanction all the Russian oil exports.   Lets see if the Republicans join the Democrats on this or just claim the Democrats are against capitalism and want to hurt oil companies. 

Dana Summers Comic Strip for March 03, 2022

When the government tries to regulate private companies, the R’s scream—except when the R’s think they have a neat way to criticize the government. Private US companies are buying the Russian oil. Several major private companies have announced they are withdrawing from their arrangements with Russian companies (BP, Shell, Exxon), but that doesn’t fit in or get mentioned by the RW shills promoting this meme, so it gets buried in their propaganda releases.

lsnrchrd.1 Premium Member about 1 hour ago

Everybody knows checks to Russian oil companies for their exports to the USA are drawn directly from the US Treasury and signed personally by Joe Biden.

Tucker said that, or maybe it was somebody else on FOX. Or I heard it on Newsmax. Or it was on Breitbart. Or World Net Daily. Or Steve Bannon or Alex Jones, one or the other, said it on their podcast.

No, wait! It was on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Hold it a minute, I’m not absolutely positive about that.

But I heard it, or read it, somewhere reliable. Not on lame stream media, that’s for sure!

Maybe it was Lauren Boebert who said it. Or Marjorie Taylor Green, good ol’ MGM. Both of them tell it like it is. Almost as good as our President who got the election stolen from him by socialist communist libtards tells it like it is. I speak of one Donald J. Trump, of course. He says Putin is smart, remember.


And now some for fun


sleep with the humans

trying to excape.

comic image

comic image

Andy Capp Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Speed Bump Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Strange Brew Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Reality Check Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

The Middletons Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Aunty Acid Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Dog Eat Doug Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Garfield Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Marmaduke Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Real Life Adventures Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Pickles Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

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The Buckets Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Lola Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

Broom Hilda Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

One Big Happy Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

The Duplex Comic Strip for March 04, 2022

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